22 12, 2017

Three Farmers Joins The On Q Family: Welcome Aboard!

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The healthy snack industry is booming in Canada and On Q Communications is thrilled to be working with Canadian healthy snack innovators, Three Farmers and their Roasted Chickpea and Pea Pop snacks. Three Farmers was founded in 2011 by three neighbouring Saskatchewan farmers who discovered the health benefits of the ancient oilseed, Camelina. Their first [...]

1 09, 2017

Condos.ca moves in as On Q’s Newest Client

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On Q Communications has been named agency of record (AOR) for Toronto-based tech startup, Condos.ca. With 30,000 daily website visits, Condos.ca is a game-changer on the real estate scene of Canada’s most populous city. Co-founders Carl Langschmidt and Andrew Harrild have a unique vision for their company - cut through the noise and provide condo [...]

26 10, 2016

Media Mavens: Comedian, producer, host and all around funny guy Jason Agnew

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/mēdēə ·ˈmāvən/ noun: The most on-trend, in-style, on-point Canadians we know. The ones we look up to. The creative minds representing the Great White North. Our secret (and not-so-secret) MCMs and WCWs. Are we the only ones obsessing over Canada’s growing media landscape? From groundbreaking journalists, to influential bloggers and the stars of the Canadian [...]

23 08, 2016

Media Roundup: July

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As a Canadian public relations firm, we love to create impactful relationships between our wonderful clients and the people across our country. Canada is vast, so it is important to reach a variety of markets to allow our brands to shine. Tune in below to relive our favourite media moments from the month of July. [...]

14 07, 2016

On Q welcomes Wisey’s Pies, Toronto’s best New Zealand Bakehouse

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American chef Paul Prudhomme once said, “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food”, but it might as well have been a quote by Anthony, co-founder of Wisey’s Pies and Backhouse. As busy PR agents constantly on the go, and (of course) long time fans of good food, the On Q Communications team [...]

8 07, 2016

Snapchat memories revitalizes the app

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The whole landscape of social media is changing. When the concept of Snapchat was originally introduced, it was marketed as having quick, timely content that would disappear after a maximum of 10 seconds. It was supposed to be a method of telling the world what you were doing right now and sharing the most authentic version [...]

6 07, 2016

#BrandsOnQ: Focusing on locals allows Quinta Quinoa to flourish

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“Be healthier today than you were yesterday.” Following the hardest battle of his life, this became the mantra of Quinta Quinoa founder Jamie Draves. In the early 2000s Jamie was diagnosed with idiopathic pancreatitis—a diagnosis that has no known cause, cure or treatment. After two surgeries and no answers, the specialists instructed Jamie to go [...]

30 06, 2016

On Q welcomes QuizJam™, a brand new app taking over Canada

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Looking for a fun and addicting new app to keep you busy at night? On Q Communications is happy to announce that they will be helping with the Canadian launch of an exciting new game, QuizJam™! QuizJam™ hails from Australia, but after a major success there, they are ready to expand across the globe. The [...]

21 06, 2016

#BrandsOnQ: Dayna Lee Collection puts her heart in Instagram

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"Her life changed the moment she let it.” - Dayna Lee Collection Based out of Toronto, the one-woman empire Dayna Lee Collection, started from an uplifting experience. After hitting the ultimate low point, Dayna Langlois started creating quotes to inspire herself to chase her dreams. Finding inspiration from her own life and the experiences she [...]

2 06, 2016

#BrandsOnQ: Wisey’s Pies grows with Toronto Star feature

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What does a Kiwi arborist do when his tree climbing days are over? Bake pies of course! At least that’s what Anthony Spinley did and having our office two doors down, we couldn’t be happier. Wisey’s Pies and Bakehouse is just shy of their two year anniversary and have already made a mark on Toronto [...]