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Boutique means quality time with the experts. We see our clients as family and go the extra mile to ensure their brand succeeds. From Canadian launches, to media blitzes, to attention-grabbing social media campaigns, we’ve done it all.

In over a decade we’ve had the pleasure of working with outstanding brands from all over the world. We’re a communications agency, a public relations agency, a brand agency, a social media agency and an extension of your in-house agency. We work with your business to create goal-driven campaigns that deliver results. Wondering what we can do for you?

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Success Stories from a few of our clients

• To develop awareness and sales for the launch of new line of products under the umbrella name “BRight Choices”-ice cream to fit a healthy lifestyle

• Developed campaign idea “Indulgence that Fits”
• Partnered with renowned designer, PatMcDonagh and Toronto Fashion Week for greater awareness and value added PR and social media spin
• Created strategy and executed campaign utilizing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter as well as proactive awareness through blogs and chat rooms
• Developed online consumer contest to name the two “ice cream inspired” dresses for the chance to win first row tickets to the show

• Winner of best practices campaign of 2009
• Sold 15% more gallons of the new ice cream line in the first 2 months of promotion
• Received coverage in top fashion and lifestyle publications – over 50 million media impressions and over 12,000 Facebook fans to date

• To launch FitFlop in Canada and manage their ongoing public relations for the purpose of increasing awareness and

• Through proactive PR, reached out to and educated the Canadian female population about the benefits of wearing FitFlop
• Creatively utilized social media resources to build a community of influencers to spread the word about FitFlop
• Pitched monthly press releases focusing on timely stories and events
• Introduced men’s line to the media and bloggers

• Received ongoing coverage in top publications such as the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Flare, Canadian Family, and Lou Lou. The product was featured on morning programs such as City Line, CTV’s Canada AM and Entertainment Tonight Canada

• To gain awareness with target audience through a proactive social media strategy accompanied by a media relations strategy.

• Thorough research and competitive analysis we determined which social media platforms and media outlets were best suited to meet the outreach goals for HTS. The strategy was formed around the concept “ParentSpace,” which delivers essential information and tools for parents to help raise children to their best potential.
• Developed a social media strategy for the year including monthly content calendars for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the school blog.
• Formed a social media committee of teachers and students to involve them as influencers in the social media strategy. Training was done on platforms and goals.
• Researched and developed a public relations strategy for the year including outreach elements to key local media and mommy bloggers. This entailed leveraging the HTS spokespeople and positioning them as experts on technology, character and values, and academics.

• Only shortly after commencing our working relationship, the social media strategy was adopted by the marketing team, Head of School, and newly formed social media committee.
• The creative and framework for the Facebook page, Twitter profile, and YouTube channel was developed.
• The launch of social platforms and steady growth of communities over the first month in operation was a success.
• Received PR coverage in top national and local outlets, including Globe and Mail, Canada AM, and CBC.

• To attract pre-MBAs to fairs taking place in 12 cities across North America, and select cities MBA Tour worldwideMBA Tour

• Developed and executed a pubic relations and social media campaign, leveraging partnerships, spokespeople and bloggers to make The MBA Tour the “go to” place for everything MBA
• Worked with influencers from The MBA Tour database to grow the main international Facebook fan page, launch and grow India and Latin America fan pages and develop strategic Facebook applications in order to grow the number of fans
• Administered proactive Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns involving alumni, partners, schools and profs
• Launched aMBAassador blog for the purpose of creating two-way communication with the audience
• Developed strategy to allow for ongoing opportunities to expand interaction with schools and pre-MBAs, such as the newly administered “1 Minute MBA” video series
• Utilized PR to increase awareness of The MBA Tour year-round and build credibility for the fairs and website offerings

• Brand awareness of The MBA Tour was a direct result of the ongoing PR and SM initiatives. Event attendance has grown over time, and The MBA Tour website views have increased dramatically not just around event times, but year-round, accomplishing the set out goal of making The MBA Tour the “go to” place for everything MBA
• Gained over 11,000 fans on the Facebook page, 3000 followers on Twitter and active presence in top business publications and influential education blogs

THE CHALLENGEOliver_Jewellery
• Create and execute on a strong social media strategy for Oliver Jewellery with a focus on building followers and
engagement for Facebook and Twitter.
• Work proactively to capitalize on timely PR opportunities that help promote Russell Oliver and the Oliver Jewellery brand in the media.

• Run Facebook contests and giveaways with a goal to increase follower acquisition using a strong incentive of CASH giveaways.
• One of the most successful campaigns was geared towards the #hiddencash craze in Toronto. Russell Oliver would hide cash all around the city and fans would be encouraged to go on the Twitter page to find clues on where the cash was located.
• Another successful campaign was our ‘share the wealth’ campaign which challenged Facebook Fans to tell us how they would share their wealth for a chance to win CASH.
• For PR, On Q focused on pitching Russell Oliver to producers and editors in Toronto with a strong focus on his business career and background.

• Since we started working with Oliver Jewellery in September of 2013, their Facebook page has grown by over 4000% (from 42 followers to 1917).
• Russell Oliver was featured in a number of popular media outlets around the GTA as well as nationally, including: The Globe and Mail, CBC, 680 News, Newstalk 1010, The Toronto Star and more

• Run a media campaign that’s focused on promoting march break and summer camps for Pawsitively Pets Kids Camp
• Build a comprehensive social media strategy that can easily be implemented by the internal marketing team at Pawsitively Pets Kids Camp

• The media strategy focused on emphasizing the unique and educational experience that Pawsitively Pets Kids Camp offered to children – something very different than your average march break or summer camp.
• Using strong visuals of the animals and the overall environment and experience that Pawsitively Pets Kids Camp has to offer, On Q successfully pitched editors, producers, reporters and bloggers on the timely topic of camps experiences. Tips on how to choose the right camp for your kids was also provided.

• Pawsitively Pets Kids Camp was featured in top tier media (sometimes on the same day) including: CTV News, CityNews at 6, The Morning Show on Global TV, 680 News,, and others.
• A detailed social media strategy was provided to Pawsitively Pets which included a competitive analysis, recommended campaigns and overall content strategy for them to run internally and grow their online engagement.

• To increase the visibility of POC and its members in the media

• The strategy focused around building general awareness and encouraging the public to “find an organizer” by capitalizing on business and lifestyle stories which showcased the benefits of hiring a professional organizer
• Successfully pitched editors, reporters and bloggers by focusing our timely stories such as “spring cleaning,” “back to school,” “new year resolutions,” and taking advantage of news headlines where POC spokespeople can comment.

• POC was featured in top publications such as Chatelaine, Style at Home, Today’s Parent,Breakfast Television, CTV, 680 News and the Sun, among others.

THE CHALLENGESunnybrook_logo
• On Q Communications Inc. approached the Sunnybrook Foundation with the opportunity to provide pro-bono social media and PR coverage for their upcoming RBC Run for the Kids Event.

• Connect with the RBC Run for the Kids internal team and ensure that all appropriate messaging and social media guidelines are adhered to
• Create and approve the majority of content/posts in advance to ensure quick turnaround
• Ask the Sunnybrook Foundation to promote the official hashtag on large signs at the event
• On Q to provide the speakers with the official hashtag and ask them to promote it to everyone in attendance
• Engage with all the partners and sponsors prior to and during the event
• Create prize/packs and giveaways on social media to increase engagement at the event
• Customized images and content were created to promote the Olympians and key spokespeople before hand

• The strategy proved to be a great success with a significant increase in engagement and overall reach of 22,361 over four days
• Photography was a large part of the social media experience. We were able to capture the mood and best moments of the event on social media in real time
• Images were posted on social media sites within 10 to 15 minutes of them occurring, adding to the experience of those present at the event and at home

“On Q Communications provided creative, consistent and effective PR for our promotions this year through traditional media and online channels. Their team is professional, responsive and easy to work with. On Q led a hugely successful campaign for the launch of 31 Cent Scoop Night, a first ever promotion for Baskin Robbins in Canada, which surpassed the goals for media coverage, donations and sales. We look forward to working with On Q on our next promotion of BRight Choices and Fashion Week.”
Gene L. Swinton, National Marketing Manager, Dunkin Brands Inc., Baskin Robbins
“We hired On Q to promote The MBA Tour’s first entrance into the Canadian market in 2006. Through their communications campaign which included public relations, strategic partnerships, advertising and social media, they met and surpassed the goals we set out resulting in high attendance for our events in Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal. What I appreciated most in working with On Q is their creativity and their results oriented attitude. We were so impressed with the results for Canada that we have retained On Q for the event promotion of our US Tours and international brand awareness through social networks year after year.”
Peter von Loesecke, CEO & Managing Director, The MBA Tour
“On Q Communications does outstanding work for Professional Organizers in Canada. Their media releases are very creative, always timely, and are based on a genuine understanding of our industry as well as our PR goals and objectives. On Q Communications has increased POC’s media exposure, both in terms of quantity and quality, in national and regional markets. I value our relationship with On Q, and renewing our contract was the easiest decision I’ve made this year!”
Kristie Demke, President & Director of Marketing, Professional Organizers in Canada
“In the short time we have been partnered with On Q Communications, our business has seen substantial growth and we attribute a large portion of this to the time and effort of the people at On Q.”
Ryan Morrice, Canadian Distributor, Fit Flop