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At On Q you aren’t just a client, you’re family.

Boutique means quality time with the experts. We see our clients as family and go the extra mile to ensure their brand succeeds. From brand launches, to media blitzes, to attention-grabbing social media campaigns, we’ve done it all.

In over a decade we’ve had the pleasure of working with outstanding brands from all over the world. We’re a communications agency, a public relations agency, a brand agency, a social media agency and an extension of your in-house agency. We work with your business to create goal-driven campaigns that deliver results.

Wondering what we can do for you? Scroll through our case studies and find out!

Three Farmers

From the farm fields of the Canadian Prairies, comes a brand focused on offering healthy, traceable and sustainable snacks. Three Farmers, founded by three Saskatchewan neighbouring farms has experienced immense growth, partly due to an appearance on a little known Canadian show called Dragon’s Den.

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pure organic foods case study preview

Pure Organic Foods

Developing a trusted online presence for brands that are just breaking into a given market takes expertise, time and resources. Pure Organic Foods, a healthy food brand with Bolivian roots, wanted to hit the ground running when it’s Royal Quinoa products arrive in Canada in 2018.

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Paisley Products of Canada appointed the On Q team to introduce their most recently acquired product, Albedo100, a reflective spray, into the Canadian market for a Fall 2016 launch. The focus was to work with media to encourage secured media coverage including endorsements and features. Widely used as a cycling and pedestrian safety product, it was launched this the fall, giving us a short window to make Albedo100 timely in the market.

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Professional Organizers of Canada

As the organizing industry started to grow, Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) wanted to raise awareness of the organization and give visibility to it’s members across Canada. With no media experience or trained spokespeople, the organization was starting out fresh. Along with breaking the myth that all organizers help with hoarding, POC wanted to build strong media relationships that would lead to long-term contributions and regular appearances.

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North Shore Pie Co.

Wisey’s Pies decided to expand across Toronto and re-brand to North Shore Pie Co. The goal was to introduce North Shore Pie Co. to the mass-market as seamlessly as possible, while expanding its presence on social media.

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CycleBar is a premier indoor cycle studio that hails from the USA, offering a high-energy workout in a concert-like atmosphere. Ready to make it’s mark in Canada, On Q was engaged to launch the first ever Canadian studio in the Leaside community.

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Tonica Kombucha

On a mission to raise Tonica Kombucha’s status as the leading kombucha beverage, as well as positioning kombucha as the world’s next soda, On Q Communications led a four month media blitz.

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As Fitflop expanded into the Canadian market for the first time, the brand needed a public relations firm that would assist in garnering high-profile coverage. The goal was to raise brand awareness in the fashion market, an awareness that would push for increased sales.

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When Muzeum came to us looking to raise its their profile in the city, we couldn’t resist! With competition in the industry running high, Muzeum wanted to conduct a Toronto media blitz to help the high end Yorkville antiques shop be recognized as a household name.

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Te Awa

Countless international wines launch in the LCBO on any given day, making it necessary for Te Awa’s latest collection, Left Field, to be presented to the media in the most imaginative way possible – whimsical creatures.

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Berczy Park

Located in the bustling historic St.Lawrence neighbourhood, Berczy Park was projected to be the city’s number one hotspot for locals and their dogs, tourists and suburbanites invited to enjoy the park and it’s one-of-a-kind dog fountain.

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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

When On Q heard that the RBC run for the kids event was launching for the first time, we approached Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to offer pro-bono social media strategy that would boost the event. As both of our founders are mothers, it was important for them to give back to the community and other families in Toronto.

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The MBA Tour

The MBA Tour’s following grows by the thousands every week and continually needs to be optimized to successfully convert fans into consumers. With over 60 events in seven continents, The MBA Tour reaches a global audience. The challenge was to bring this large demographic under one umbrella within The MBA Tour’s social media pages as well as encourage engagement from this audience.

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Baskin Robbins

With a new line of products called “BRight Choices,” Baskin Robbins needed a PR firm that knew how to shake up the media. The new line of products were developed for a healthy lifestyle, encouraging anyone and everyone to have a taste. Because the products were being introduced to Canada for the first time, Baskin Robbins was looking to create awareness in the most creative way possible.

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Oliver Jewellery

Often recognized for his vibrant commercials and nickname ‘The Cashman,’ Russell Oliver has successfully built an offline presence. However, when it came to social media, Oliver Jewellery needed to find ways to attract and build an online following of millennials. Oliver Jewellery needed an acquisition and engagement strategy for social media and a fresh PR approach.

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Healthy Crunch

Healthy Crunch, a new kale chip to hit the Canadian market, needed exposure to interest consumers and assist with sales. They needed to break out of the ‘healthy living only’ stigma to garner interest from the mass market. To help solve the problem, On Q Communications was brought on to obtain monthly media coverage that targeted the mass Canadian market.

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