Snapchat memories revitalizes the app

The whole landscape of social media is changing.

When the concept of Snapchat was originally introduced, it was marketed as having quick, timely content that would disappear after a maximum of 10 seconds. It was supposed to be a method of telling the world what you were doing right now and sharing the most authentic version of yourself. Their tagline, “Life’s more fun when you live in the moment” encapsulated exactly what they wanted you to do: share your moment. However, the platform has been swiftly changing over the years, and with the addition of the Discover feature and editing lenses, sharing your authentic self has become less of a priority. On Wednesday, they announced a new feature that will change everything you thought you knew about Snapchat.

Snapchat is now introducing a Memories feature, which will roll out later this month. Memories will allow you to be able to save content on the app, much like the existing photo album on your phone. The images will be searchable, using keywords to direct you to the specific memories you are looking for. With location and object recognition, you will also be able to find the specific snap or series of snaps you want to show off. Luckily, you can also hide them in the My Eyes Only folder, to avoid any awkward or embarrassing encounters. Those snapchat memories get moved to a password protected folder, allowing access only to you.

snapAnother update is the ability to send snaps to your friends at a later date to create fun slideshows or #TBTs. Anything from your past is now up for grabs to send to your followers. The snap that exceed the 24 hour Snapchat limit get showcased in a picture frame to allow your followers to know what is happening in real time, and what is a memory. Get ready to relive and show off your best trips and most exciting experiences for all your friends to see!

With Memories, Snapchat is attempting to transform into a completely different and revolutionary platform. Moving away from much of what first made it appealing, Snapchat is hoping that these updates will allow it to keep up with the competition. The app was originally made for millennials, but they are trying to create interest in older generations who may want to get in on the fun. This is one more initiative that has been rolled out in hopes of appealing to a new clientele. No more need to live in the moment, because on Snapchat, you can now live in the past!

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