#BrandsOnQ: Dayna Lee Collection puts her heart in Instagram

“Her life changed the moment she let it.” – Dayna Lee Collection

Based out of Toronto, the one-woman empire Dayna Lee Collection, started from an uplifting experience. After hitting the ultimate low point, Dayna Langlois started creating quotes to inspire herself to chase her dreams. Finding inspiration from her own life and the experiences she has collected along the way, she created Dayna Lee Collection: an empowering women-driven shop that features handwritten calligraphy adorning a wide range of items, from notebooks to pillows. If you take a quick look at her cheerful and feminine Instagram account, it serves to prove what her 15,000 followers already love about the brand; her quotes are relatable. This busy mom of three has put her heart and soul into her growing business through her Etsy shop, and though her on-point quotes had us believing love at first sight, the story of how she came to be had us falling even more in love with her brand. Original, authentic and empowering, we are stoked to have Dayna Lee Collection as our latest #BrandsOnQ.

“I always try to put my personality in everything I do. I come from strugglesI was working at a popular coffee shop right before this and I hit a really big low. Inspirational quotes helped but I got tired of seeing the same ones. I wanted something that I could relate to so I wrote from the heart,” says Langlois. “I’m really putting myself out there and that’s what makes my brand different.”

This was only the beginning of her transformation. Now her Etsy shop boasts five-star reviews and her Instagram account is full of quotes that any girl boss can relate to. After empowering herself to start the brand, her quotes now inspire other women: “She’s building her empire” and “She’s unstoppable” are only some of the quotes that fans go crazy for. Behind the beautiful calligraphy is a message of motivation. A message that has now landed Langlois a licensing agreement that will build her empire event more.


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For Dayna, much of this growth is attributed to two things: her Etsy shop and her Instagram account. Filled with photographs of her product, work space and even her adorable one year old office assistant, Ella, fans on Instagram get a glimpse into Dayna’s creative process. “I use my instagram not to sell, I just try to share my space and what I’m working on,” says Langlois. Treating Instagram like a professional job, she dedicates 15 minutes a day to staging the perfect photo. Not only has this helped her build a cohesive timeline, but it has also helped her amass over 15,000 followers in one year — a following that large brands dream about.

To let her brand stand out from the crowd, she tactically uses hashtags on Instagram to attract who she wants to come by, rather than what she is presenting. She does not push products on her customers, because she knows that her products will speak for themselves.


When it comes down to it, putting heart behind everything you do makes you stand out from the crowd. By letting us into her daily life and creating an authentic relationship with her followers, we are able to see the authenticity in her brand. It’s no surprise that her photos on Instagram have helped her brand flourish. After all, she was born to create.

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