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27 11, 2020

Prepare Your Business for 2021

By | 2020-11-27T15:38:01-05:00 November 27th, 2020|All|0 Comments

It’s no secret that 2020 hasn’t exactly gone to plan for many businesses. The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has made it an incredibly uncertain and difficult year for businesses in just about every sector. Most people have had to make some pretty drastic changes to the ways they work, and businesses have had [...]

15 04, 2020

Why Your Brand Should Stay Visible During COVID-19

By | 2020-04-15T13:51:06-04:00 April 15th, 2020|All|0 Comments

There’s no doubt about it, we find ourselves in a truly unique and uncertain time. Now that COVID-19 has reached pandemic status, people and businesses are being impacted across the globe. While you may think that the current uncertain global atmosphere is no place for a reinvigorated marketing campaign, it’s extremely important that your brand [...]

3 03, 2020

Digital Marketing and PR Trends 2020

By | 2020-03-03T14:10:29-05:00 March 3rd, 2020|Digital Media|0 Comments

Digital marketing and PR trends are changing and evolving at WARP speed. One week your brand’s campaign strategy may hinge on micro-influencers – hashtag gifted - the next your marketing team is frantically decrypting the enigmatic intricacies of TikTok. The world of marketing is ALMOST too much to keep up with... almost  ;). Now that [...]

19 10, 2015

Social media mistakes on the Canadian campaign trail

By | 2017-09-19T00:43:58-04:00 October 19th, 2015|All, Digital Media, Public Relations|0 Comments

Our politicians ...scratch that.... NO politician is perfect. Even when one emerges with what appears to be a squeaky clean record of glorious extracurricular activities and trusted sat-on boards, something pops up that just makes our noses scrunch and our brows furrow. It happens. For some, the smudge in their history is worse than others [...]

9 10, 2015

Welcome to the all new On Q Communications.ca!

By | 2017-09-19T00:43:58-04:00 October 9th, 2015|All, What's New at On Q|0 Comments

We decided it was time for a little change. Our new website brings a whole lotta style – it’s sleek, dynamic and fresh. Just like us! There are features you’ve never seen at On Q Communications.ca before! It’s full of interactive new features like flip boxes, and toggles so you can really play around with [...]

18 09, 2015

Making Twitter work for you

By | 2017-09-19T00:43:59-04:00 September 18th, 2015|All, Digital Media|0 Comments

Many entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing managers know that social media is crucial to their marketing strategy and to connecting with their target audience, but not everyone knows how to use their company pages and reach to their full potential. One social media mechanism we are asked most often about is Twitter. Many other channels (such [...]

31 08, 2015

Back to school with On Q and the Schulich Executive Education Centre!

By | 2017-09-19T00:43:59-04:00 August 31st, 2015|All, Digital Media, What's New at On Q|0 Comments

Step up your marketing communications game with the Schulich Executive Education Centre and York University’s Masters Certificate in Marketing Communications Leadership! With everything from how to face the challenges of today’s marketing landscape head-on to leveraging relationships and employing multi outlet integration for more effective results, this program will have you up to date on how [...]

25 08, 2015

Tips to become the best public speaker

By | 2017-09-19T00:43:59-04:00 August 25th, 2015|All, Public Relations|0 Comments

Jennifer Aniston. Ellen DeGeneres. Neil Patrick Harris. Jim Parsons. Kelly Ripa. What do all of these fine folks have in common (aside from showing up on your television screen on weekdays)? They're all pretty darn good spokespeople! It's not by chance that these individuals have made a living acting and now appear in front of [...]

22 08, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up!

By | 2017-09-19T00:43:59-04:00 August 22nd, 2015|All, Digital Media, Public Relations|0 Comments

It's that time of year again - take a walk through Liberty Village, a drive down Lake Shore Blvd, or get off the GO at Exhibition station and your nose will no doubt fill with the mouth-watering aroma of funnel cake, fresh pizza slices, and, is that....yep, a slight whiff of horse manure emanating from [...]

18 08, 2015

Innovation today for growth tomorrow!

By | 2017-09-19T00:43:59-04:00 August 18th, 2015|All, Digital Media, Public Relations|0 Comments

We've said it before and we'll say it again: things are changing fast!   We order pizza differently than we did before (phone call vs. app), we watch movies differently than we used to (thank you, Netflix!), we even take pictures differently than our ancestors (or our parents, for that matter - excuse us while [...]