Tips to become the best public speaker

Jennifer Aniston. Ellen DeGeneres. Neil Patrick Harris. Jim Parsons. Kelly Ripa. What do all of these fine folks have in common (aside from showing up on your television screen on weekdays)? They’re all pretty darn good spokespeople!

It’s not by chance that these individuals have made a living acting and now appear in front of you in commercials for products ranging from skin care and water to cars and beverages. Innate characteristics and personality traits may have a large part to play here but even if public speaking is your biggest fear of all time (or even just in your top 5), there is hope for you! Learning tips on how to phrase your message so your audience wants to listen will help build the confidence you need to get in front of them and speak with your head held high and your voice bold.

TED Talk

In his Ted Talk How to talk so people want to listen, Julian Treasure presents his audience with helpful things to avoid when speaking and four powerful cornerstones (with the easy to remember acronym, HAIL) to remember when we want people to be engaged in what we are saying to them. Honesty (it is the best policy, after all), Authenticity, Integrity, and Love in a message can reassure your audience that you genuinely care for them, whether it is a family member or a valued customer. Engaging people is key to being a good spokesperson and getting your message across loud and clear – something we strive for in all marketing and communications ventures – and is something that all spokespeople possess.

They may not make you into the world’s best spokesperson (or maybe it will!) but these tips can certainly help in many aspects of our lives and, yes, even help you speak in front of an audience and promote your business a little better! You’re not alone though – we can offer coaching and tips of our own for your next product pitch, interview, and event.

Take a look at Julian’s TED Talk by clicking here!

Here’s a little something for those with stage fright too! You can do it! Click here to watch Joe Kowan overcome his fear!






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