Welcome to the all new On Q Communications.ca!

We decided it was time for a little change. Our new website brings a whole lotta style – it’s sleek, dynamic and fresh. Just like us!

There are features you’ve never seen at On Q Communications.ca before! It’s full of interactive new features like flip boxes, and toggles so you can really play around with the site to get to know us and all that we do for our clients! Two of our most exciting new features are our beautiful #BrandsOnQ blog, and our Social ROI Program page. A gorgeous mosaic of images, each tile on the #BrandsOnQ page tells the story of a brand we love, current events at On Q and even in the world in general, and tips for how we can help improve your PR and communications campaigns and strategies! Our Social ROI Program page highlights one of the most sought out services. Maximizing revenue from social media marketing has to be done right for it to be effective and we can help you ensure you’re implementing that into your communications strategy in powerful and engaging ways.

So don’t be shy, take a look around and spread the word! We hope you enjoy the new On Q Communications.ca as much as we do!






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