Why Your Brand Should Stay Visible During COVID-19

There’s no doubt about it, we find ourselves in a truly unique and uncertain time. Now that COVID-19 has reached pandemic status, people and businesses are being impacted across the globe. While you may think that the current uncertain global atmosphere is no place for a reinvigorated marketing campaign, it’s extremely important that your brand stays visible and maintains its online presence during this pivotal time.

3 Reasons Your Brand Needs To Stay Visible During COVID-19

Brand Engagement

Let’s talk about brand engagement. Now more than ever it’s important to build a strong, human connection with your followers. You can achieve this by developing and strengthening your brand engagement.

What is brand engagement? It’s the process of establishing a deep, emotional connection between a customer and a brand. Customers tend to feel attached on a personal level to brands that have a unique voice and a strong online presence. This connection leads to a strong sense of loyalty and can turn one-time customers into returning customers.

COVID-19 has resulted in widespread social distancing and universal feelings of anxiety and loneliness. As a brand, it’s important to be transparent with your followers and bond on a personal, more human level. By posting relatable, genuine content, you may be able to help your followers through this difficult time, thus establishing a much stronger bond.

Although you’re apart physically, you’re connected with fans and followers virtually.

Prepare for the Recovery Stages

You may have questioned whether or not you should continue with your digital marketing plan. If no one is buying your products… why bother promoting them? However, if you opt for radio silence during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be unprepared for the marketplace once things return to normal.

By remaining visible online, your brand will remain present in your long-term customers’ minds. When the demand for your products returns to normal, you will need to have a customer base to actually sell to. If you choose to neglect your digital presence, you may find it harder to generate sales and customer engagement in the future.

There is Demand for Online Content

There has never been a greater demand for online content, so you will never have as many eyeballs on your social media channels as you will over the course of the next few months. Take this time to maintain your presence online.

Let’s be clear though…. This is not an opportunity to exploit a pandemic for sales. Take this time to build your brand story, make meaningful connections and post thoughtful content that you’re followers can truly benefit from during this time. Valuable content that will make a true difference in your follower’s lives is key. Whether you choose to strike an empathetic, sensitive tone, or you opt to distract your viewers from the current situation with positive and encouraging reinforcements, your followers will appreciate the gesture

How is your business being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us know in the comments below.






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