Instagram makes big changes: Stories go live and posts can be saved

They say that the social media landscape is changing and one look at Instagram proves this true! Within the past few days, Instagram released two new features on their platform: Instagram Live and saved posts. Although these updates are currently only available in the U.S, we are likely to see them launch internationally very soon. To prepare for this, we had On Q’s social media expert, Rey Pan, weigh in on how your brand can leverage these new changes!

Instagram Live:  

After the release of Stories, it was clear that Instagram is aiming to appeal to a larger audience. Live videos are an extension of that strategy, appearing up at the top of your home screen where the stories appear, but labelled live. Instagram has an algorithm that will update your die-hard fans with a notification to let them know you are going live, along with anyone with the notification option on. The main difference of this feature compared to the competitors is the exclusivity of the videos. Unlike Facebook, where the live videos archive themselves onto your profile, Instagram live only lasts as long as your live stream. Viewers can comment and “heart” your live videos like on Instagram posts, allowing for instant feedback.

For your brand:

  1. Quick and useful tips for followers: Share your knowledge on streaming, photo tips and follow-up with videos
    practicing what you preach.
  1. behind-the-scenes-goodGive a behind the scenes look at your business: Share how you create a product, how the team works and relaxes, etc. People love watching things that are typically off limits.
  1. Broadcast live events: Conferences, media events, trade shows and concerts are all great opportunities to share live. Although it is important to showcase the event, it’s an even better opportunity to engage with the audience while filming. Walk and talk them through it and answer questions that are sent your way.
  1. behingthescenes-goodHost interviews: Interview your company’s employees, clients or important people in your industry. Brands are all about the people that are a part of it, so let these people speak and your audience will likely find it interesting and valuable.

As today’s attention spans get shorter and shorter, Live video give your audience a way to interact without exerting a ton of energyor investing a whole bunch of time.

Saved Posts:

Have you ever seen a photo, liked it, and it disappear from your life forever because you didn’t at take a screenshot? Well Instagram has a solution to that on their newest update. After each image appears on your feed, there is now a bookmark option next to the comment, heart and share options! Instead of saving these bookmarked images to your phone, the images will save into a private folder on your Instagram account, allowing you to access your favourite photos after they’ve disappeared from your timeline.

nspcbookFor your brand:


  1. Get inspired: If you see a post that you are dying to recreate on your profile, bookmark it for later.
  2. Build a ‘re-post’ folder: If something comes up that features your product, your client, or you simply love the image, bookmark it on Instagram until you can fit it in your timeline!

Social media is full of possibilities for your brand to expand. Keep these tips in mind for the new year as you plan your upcoming content, and be sure to experiment with Instagram Stories and Instagram Live to keep your brand fresh and current!

Be sure to stay tuned and up to date on the blog for all social media updates!


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