Instagram introduces stories feature

No, this isn’t a #WaybackWednesday and it’s not a typo either. Yesterday, August 2nd, a new stories feature was launched onto social media, except this time it wasn’t for the original creator, Snapchat. This one comes to you from our other favourite photo sharing platform, Instagram.

Introducing Instagram Stories from Instagram on Vimeo.

With the same name, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the concept is the same as well. When something amazing happens in your day–or your day is just amazing in general–instead of spamming your Instagram friends with a lot of individual posts, this option allows you to quickly share your thoughts. Your followers can choose to scroll through it and see what’s been happening. They can also just as easily skip it completely, allowing them to choose how much of your life and content they see. And then just as quickly as you make them, they disappear, keeping the 24 hour rule that Snapchat started.

So far, it has had promising reviews. The filters are higher quality, which should be expected from Instagram. They also gave credit where credit was due, stating that they did in fact copy the concept from their competition. Plenty of people have been hopping on board this trend with little hesitation, which speaks highly for ease of use. Right beside all your friends’ stories, there is a plus symbol which you click to take the photo and add it to your stories. The format is clean, with your stories appearing separately at the top of your home page, not to be confused with the regular posts.

With this launch and last month’s Snapchat memories, the two photo sharing platforms are verging into similar territory. We are excited to see what other changes the two apps have in store for us to diversify their offerings and appeal to larger audiences. But until then, which app do you think has come out on top of the photo sharing battle?

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