YouTube takes on Facebook with new mobile live streaming

YouTube, the original king of video content, is finally entering the live video fray. YouTube is releasing a new mobile live streaming option, with a bonus feature that allows content creators to cash in on their live streams.

YouTube rolled out live video back in 2011, but creators were limited to live streaming from a computer. Now, popular YouTubers with over 10,000 subscribers can live stream content directly from their smartphones and tablets. The rest of us will have to wait, but Youtube assures everyone else will get access “soon”.

How it works

The process is simple: open the app, hit capture video button and voilà! Creators can share instant, real-time experiences with their fans.

The video features remain the same. Creators can add custom titles, send subscriber notifications, enable or disable a chat window, and film in portrait or landscape. YouTube has worked out some of the kinks of its predecessor with updates that include slowing down the speed of live chat messages and improved streaming quality. After a live broadcast, the videos will show up in recommendations, playlists, pop up in searches or can be accessible only to users with the link.

Super Chat for the super fan

Super fans rejoice! YouTube also unveiled a cool new feature that gets you front and centre with your favourite YouTuber with Super Chat. For a fee, fans can now have their messages highlighted and pinned to the top of a live chat window where content creators are more likely to see and engage with your comment.

What this means for brands: The future will be streamed

Following the overwhelming success of Facebook Live, it’s clear live video is the way of the future. Audiences are hungry for its highly interactive nature, as Facebook reported live videos were watched three times longer than regular videos. Currently, YouTube sees over 300,000 videos uploaded to the platform a day – that’s 80 thousand hours of video. As online audiences continue to devour live content, it’s expected that the new YouTube mobile live feature will capitalize on the platform’s appeal.

However, with Facebook already established as the go-to for live content and Instagram also incorporating live video in its app, we can’t wait to see which social media giant comes out on top of the live stream battle.

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