How your brand can take advantage of the Twitter Moments page

A new trend emerged on Twitter on the same night you decided to go to bed early. What do you do? This is the main purpose behind the new Twitter Moments page. Moments launched in October 2015 on both the app and website, as a way to provide users with the best and most current daily stories on Twitter from around the world. Curated by the Twitter team and other partners, the page is divided into the following tabs: Today, News, Sports, Entertainment, and Fun, as well as temporary options.

When you first click on Moments, which is represented as a lightning bolt on the app, the Today tab provides customized stories with a thumbnail photo and headline. After clicking on a story you find interesting, that story expands to provide more information. And by swiping left on a smartphone or tablet, the top related tweets, gifs, videos, and photos are also revealed. Other Twitter Moments features include easily tweeting and/or sharing a moment or specific tweet through a direct message, following a moment to have the related tweets incorporated onto your timeline, and the fact that the information from Moments last just that: a moment. Quick, up-to-date, and temporary stories appeals to social media users’ need for new content at an accelerated pace.

While it is easy to see how users can benefit from this feature, what does Twitter Moments mean for brands? First, companies are able to keep abreast of what users and players in their field are tweeting about, and then join the conversation! Creating social media copy pertaining to a “moment” not only exposes your brand to a wider audience, but it also provides opportunities for engagement and interaction with users, which is often more beneficial than a multitude of stagnant followers. Twitter is also rolling out the prospect of sponsored moments. This would allow brands to pay for their content to appear on a Promoted Moments tab, and use images, videos and vines to truly tell their story.

Twitter continues to grow as a media company, and provide brands with new ways to create, share, engage and increase awareness.

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