21 06, 2016

#BrandsOnQ: Dayna Lee Collection puts her heart in Instagram

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"Her life changed the moment she let it.” - Dayna Lee Collection Based out of Toronto, the one-woman empire Dayna Lee Collection, started from an uplifting experience. After hitting the ultimate low point, Dayna Langlois started creating quotes to inspire herself to chase her dreams. Finding inspiration from her own life and the experiences she [...]

20 06, 2016

Meet On Q: 10 questions with Raven Wilkinson

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Fresh out of her third year in the Creative Industries program at Ryerson University, Raven brings a young and modern view of social media and communications to On Q. With her experiences blogging, operating social media accounts, and planning and executing large-scale events, Raven has a variety of skills that she is only beginning to develop and hone [...]

15 06, 2016

Apps to help you make a Facebook 360 photo and video

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On June 9th, Mark Zuckerberg shook the internet with the release of 360 photos and videos and video for Facebook. This new feature helps the users explore photos through an interactive 360 degree view by clicking on the photo. On your smartphone, you can either use your finger or move the phone to see a [...]

8 06, 2016

Public Relations Agencies in Toronto: Finding the right one for your brand

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So you’re ready to take your brand to the next level. Congratulations! The next step sounds easy, just choose a random PR agency and hire them, right? The truth is, choosing an agency is anything but easy. It’s a task that requires you to find, vet and hire a group of people that will be [...]

6 06, 2016

Meet On Q: 10 questions with Maria-Teresa Andreacchi

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Fashion, technology and travel. Combine those three words and you have our Account Manager Maria-Teresa. On top of giving us all the scoop on fashion’s latest trends, she brings years of digital web experience to our team. She has experience training financial corporations on how to leverage social media, strategizing top national social media campaigns, [...]

2 06, 2016

#BrandsOnQ: Wisey’s Pies grows with Toronto Star feature

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What does a Kiwi arborist do when his tree climbing days are over? Bake pies of course! At least that’s what Anthony Spinley did and having our office two doors down, we couldn’t be happier. Wisey’s Pies and Bakehouse is just shy of their two year anniversary and have already made a mark on Toronto [...]

30 05, 2016

Meet On Q: 10 questions with Renata Cimpean

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Renata Cimpean recently graduated from a postgraduate communications program at Centennial College, after completing her Bachelor’s at York University. With a background in English she has a passion for books and writing, which is certainly exercised in her daily work life. Growing up in Romania and always being surrounded by animals has given her an [...]

6 04, 2016

Our mini experts tell us what they think about social media

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For our 11 year anniversary we decided to ask the next generation what they thought about social media. From getting a Facebook account at four or five years old, to 'liking' all of our questions, they give you insights into the industry... kind of.   Looking to create a video for your brand? Contact us [...]

18 02, 2016

On Q welcomes Marni Wasserman, Toronto’s plant-based diet expert

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Check out Marni’s instagram account for healthy inspirations. On Q Communications is thrilled to announce our newest client, Marni Wasserman, founder of Marni Wasserman’s Food Studio & Lifestyle Shop. This multi-talented young entrepreneur is a culinary nutritionist, certified natural chef, health strategist, author and owner of a thriving plant-based cooking studio, Toronto’s very first. Marni’s number [...]

8 02, 2016

Social media in 2016: Co-founder Livia Grujich on this year’s trends

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  Q: At this stage, many social media platforms are diluted with endless content. Does it make sense to create and manage a social media account anymore? A: Absolutely! You can't afford NOT to be part of the conversation. You have to play smart. There's definitely more 'noise' out there with everyone sharing their viewpoint, which [...]