Media Roundup: January

It may still be winter, but our clients certainly brought the heat in January. With guest spots on popular radio shows, features in national publications and spots on TV, On Q Communications did it again, getting our clients front and centre with some of Canada’s top publications. Read below to find out more.

Forever Young Information: Healthy Crunch

Jan 1, 2017

Forever Young Information magazine loved Healthy Crunch’s artisanal kale chips so much, they featured The Big Chipotle it as part of their The Goods section, a spotlight on some of their favourite products for their forever young, 50+ crowd. The monthly magazine publishes across Ontario and British Columbia, reaching over 464,000 in circulation.

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CTV News: Professional Organizers in Canada

Jan 1, 2017

If you skipped the decluttering craze last year, but want your home to be in pristine condition for 2017, then look no further. Professional Organizers in Canada shared the secrets to organizing your home with CTV that you will definitely want to see. From making a plan to asking from help, here is everything you need to know about decluttering your home!

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Newstalk 610: Julie Bednarski, Healthy Crunch

Jan 4, 2017

Ontario rolled out new changes to food labels and restaurant menus starting this year, which included the dreaded calorie count. Registered dietician and foodpreneur of The Healthy Crunch Company, Julie Bednarski was on Newstalk 610, Niagara’s top radio program, to look beyond the headlines and delve into how these changes could positively impact the choices we make when selecting our food.

Healthy Crunch: CBC’s The Goods

Jan 12, 2017

Green was the new black on Episode 59 of CBC’s The Goods, a daytime lifestyle talk show. It was an entire episode dedicated to the most popular superfood kale! Everyone in the studio audience went home with a box of artisanal kale chips courtesy of Healthy Crunch.

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Huffington Post: Professional Organizers in Canada

Jan 13, 2017

Pictures taking up too much space on your phone? Suffering from photo burn out? Professional Organizers in Canada got into the nitty gritty with innovative hacks to help you organize your photos on your smartphone. Learn how to share and store your memories in this Huffington Post article.

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Toronto Sun: Healthy Crunch

Jan 20, 2017

Healthy Crunch’s Julie Bednarski was front and centre with the top tips you need to jump start and keep your new year’s health resolutions. Step one: Clean out your fridge. Step two: organize our kitchen. Don’t worry, Julie outlines a bona fide 10 step program that covers everything from organizing your home to simple steps you can take to keep you reaching for the healthier choices all the time. The article ran in Toronto Sun, as well as in the Vancouver and Edmonton print editions, reaching thousands of readers across Canada. Find the article on page 47 of the Life section in the Toronto Sun.

24 Hours: Healthy Crunch

Jan 24, 2017

She’s at it again! Two hits in four days. Julie Bednarski and her expert tips for living a healthier lifestyle in 2017 were featured in the 24 Hours. In both the print and e-edition, The Healthy Crunch Company founder and registered dietician tells you how tips and tricks to keep you motivated to stick with your lifestyle change, like adding fruit to your water for a bit of flavour to keep you drinking and hydrated. Catch all the tips on page 10 of the life section.  

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Village Living: CycleBar Leaside

Jan 25, 2017

CycleBar has finally come to Canada and has chosen our very own Leaside community to open its first franchise! Village Living profiles the dynamic cycling studio set to open March 6, 2017. In a concert-like studio and a high energy burn, CycleBar Leaside is set to take Leaside—and Canada—by storm. Village Living is Midtown’s premium magazine with a focus on local residents doing big business.

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Tonica Kombucha: Let’s Eat on NewsTalk 1010

Jan 28, 2017

Founder and president of Tonica Kombucha, Zoey Shamai, was on air on Newstalk 1010’s Let’s Eat with Zane Caplansky. The yogi turned business powerhouse in the healthy beverage industry was featured as she talked about the surprising beginnings of her company and the benefits of her digestive aiding super drink.

TheRedPin: Professional Organizers in Canada

Jan 30, 2017

Professional organizer Peg Bradshaw was featured in The RedPin where she advised Canadians how to keep their new year’s resolution of keeping their homes organized. Whether it is cleaning out your closet or turning your dining room table into the ultimate entertaining piece, POC was on hand to share the secrets to a beautiful home.

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