Media Roudup: December

Our clients had an exciting 2016 and to cap off an incredible year, On Q Communications delivered a month full of media cheer. From spots on daytime television to features in top Canadian magazines, we got our clients the coverage they deserve. Check below to see what they were up to last month!

Forever Young Information: Professional Organizers in Canada

Dec 1, 2016

The sandwich generation is living in a tug of war trying to balance taking care of children and aging parents. Professional Organizers in Canada’s own Marie Potter shared tips in Forever Young Information on how you can organize your life and still have “me” time. Find the story in both the Hamilton and Toronto print and e-editions.

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On Snow Magazine: Albedo100

Dec 1, 2016

The premiere snowmobile publication, On Snow Magazine (OSM), featured Albedo100’s reflective spray in their gear guide. The magazine suggested the product as a great protective measure to anyone who is snowmobiling at night.

Home at Home: Professional Organizers in Canada

Dec 1, 2016

On behalf of Professional Organizers in Canada, Marie Potter shared her top tips on how to combat bathroom clutter for the winter. Find the article on page 50 of the 2016-2017 Winter edition of Home at Home. Grab your copy of the magazine located at all Home Hardware stores across Canada!

Canadian Living: Professional Organizers in Canada

Dec 7, 2016

Four organizers from Professional Organizers in Canada were featured in the January edition of Canadian Living. They shared top tips on how you can organize each room in your home for the new year. Learn how to keep your entryway looking grand, conquer your kitchen, tame your laundry room and keep your work area tidy in this extensive, four-page article. Find out how you can give your home “the look” you always dreamed of on pages 60-64 of the magazine.

Weight Watchers: Professional Organizers in Canada

Dec 72016

Say ‘no’ to holiday stress! Let POC’s Jane Veldhoven help you curb those holiday blues and keep your cool with these simple tips to stay organized during the busy season. From budgeting for gifts to tips on handling the dreaded holiday office party, POC has you covered in this blog from Weight Watchers.

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CP24: Paisley’s Albedo100

Dec 10, 2016

This is one is for all the night owls out there. CP24 featured Mike Anderson from BlackToe Running as he shared tips on how you can keep safe during those occasional night runs, with a major shout out to Albedo100’s reflective spray.

CP24: Paisley’s Albedo100

Dec 15, 2016

CP24 featured Michael Cranwell from Gears Bike Shop where he gave Torontonians expert cycling advice on how they can stay visible during those late night rides. Michael mentioned Albedo100 as a perfect way to keep you visible.

Brampton Guardian: Paisley’s Albedo100

Dec 15, 2016

The safety of cyclists and pedestrians on the roads is paramount. After a cyclist was struck, the Brampton Guardian featured Peter Turking from Gears Bike Shop as he gave tips to cyclists, pedestrians and drivers alike on how they can keep safe on the roads, including using Paisley’s Albedo100 reflective spray.

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Canadian Living: Healthy Crunch

Dec 19, 2016

Never reach for junk food again! Julie Bednarski, registered dietitian and founder of Healthy Crunch, shared expert tips on how to organize your kitchen and stay healthy in 2017. To snack guilt-free, Julie tells us to reach for snacks high in fibre and protein and low in sugar, such as apple with pumpkinseed butter or her very own kale chips. Want more tips? Click the link below for the full article on Canadian Living.

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Rogers Daytime Toronto: Paisley’s Albedo100

Dec 20, 2016

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to put away your bike. Michael Cranwell from Gears Bike Shop talked about how  Paisley’s Albedo100 reflective spray, among other winter cycling safety tips, can keep you and your family riding easy this season.

Notable: Tonica Kombucha

Dec 21, 2016

Notable gave us an inside scoop into the mind of Canadian healthy drink pioneer Zoey Shamai, founder and CEO of Tonica Kombucha, in its Young Entrepreneur feature. From work to play, find out how this young superstar balances it all and don’t miss her advice to other young professionals.

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Daily Hive: North Shore Pie Co.

Dec 23, 2016

Daily Hive gave North Shore Pie Co. a wonderful send off as the company prepared for its big move out of Leaside. Don’t worry, you can still get your daily dose of these tasty kiwi-style pies at their new location in Etobicoke! Bigger and better, the new location will offer catering while still giving you that dine-in experience.

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CP24: Healthy Crunch

Dec 31, 2016

Ontario made huge changes to its food labeling law, now requiring mandatory calorie counts on menus, labels and tags. Don’t panic! CP24 had health expert Julie Bednarski, registered dietician and founder of The Healthy Crunch Company, on live to tell you all you need to know to make the right choices for a healthier you. Her advice was repeated throughout the day as the segment was broadcasted multiple times.


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