On Q Communications agency of record for Dragons’ Den alumni Tonica Kombucha

Tonica Kombucha, the healthy drink brand created by Zoey Shamai that took Canada’s Dragons’ Den by storm, are officially launching their DIY Kombucha kits in Ontario.  On Q Communications is delighted to take this step with them and introduce you to this delicious and nutritious beverage. We will be working with Tonica Kombucha on a media relations campaign and brand influencer outreach with targeted Canadian influencers, so get ready for some exciting content coming your way.

Brewed here in Toronto, Tonica Kombucha is an organic, raw and naturally carbonated kombucha tea with a very low sugar content. While studying yoga abroad Zoey Shamai, a travelling yogini, discovered this fermented tea and was floored by its many health benefits. Put off by its potent fermented flavour, Zoey set out to make a more palate pleasing kombucha brew so that everyone could enjoy it. Today Tonica’s smooth flavour blend makes it one of the best tasting kombucha’s on the market, making it accessible to health nuts and foodies alike.

kombKombucha is currently one of the fastest growing functional beverages in the competitive beverage market, reporting sales that reached over 500 million USD in 2015.  The Tonica Kombucha line has seven delectable flavour blends in 355ml bottles and continues to expand its offerings to meet customer demand with its latest addition of kombucha kegs for food service and DIY kombucha kits for retail.  The DIY kits will be the first kits ever to hit the market from a commercial kombucha brand.

Tonica Kombucha is currently available across the GTA at Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, Whole Foods, Organic Garage and many more locations. Tonica is a modern take on an old tradition that is proven to help with digestion, liver cleansing, metabolism and rejuvenation of healthy skin and hair. Need we go on about why we could all use more Tonica in our lives…

Making the health benefits of kombucha accessible to all, On Q Communications and Tonica Kombucha are ready to team up for the official launch of this groundbreaking product. Now that’s #OnQ!


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