On Q spearheads Canadian launch of new Pure Organic Foods products

As the health food industry heats up in Canada, On Q Communications is happy to team up with Pure Organic Foods to launch their new line of super foods across Canada. This launch of the company is focused on high value and high quality products, as the need for vegetable-based protein sources is quickly approaching and rapidly growing. A Canadian based and owned company, their 100 per cent natural and organic products are grown near the salt flats in Bolivia, supporting farmers in the country through their ethical business practices and environmentally friendly farming methods.

On Q Communications will drive the digital marketing and communication efforts for this brand including social media and publicity.

Pure Organic Foods uses Royal Quinoa to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. Royal Quinoa is grown in mineral rich soil, creating a product that is richer in protein, full of all nine amino acids and yields more product. It is grown naturally, making it GMO and gluten free. Other products include Canahua, a nutrient dense, protein rich cousin of quinoa, and amaranth, which is an ancient grain with amazing health benefits. These health benefits, along with the terrific business practices are just a few of the reasons we are so excited for this journey. As they say in Bolivia, we are filled with “buena onda,” or good energy!

If you would like more information on Pure Organic Foods, please contact Maria-Teresa at mariateresa (at) onqcommunications (dot) ca.

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