Media Mavens: Canadian TV personality Dina Pugliese

/mēdēə ·ˈmāvən/

noun: The most on-trend, in-style, on-point Canadians we know. The ones we look up to. The creative minds representing the Great White North. Our secret (and not-so-secret) MCMs and WCWs.

Are we the only ones obsessing over Canada’s growing media landscape? From groundbreaking journalists, to influential bloggers and the stars of the Canadian screen, we have everything and more in our amazing nation. This is why we have decided to give our readers the inside scoop on some of our favourite Media Mavens. Follow along as we learn about the newest trends and exclusive tips from some of the coolest Canucks around.

Dina Pugliese

Truth be told, the team at On Q Communications is crushing on Dina Pugliese. She’s one of the most recognizable faces in Canadian television and has an army of followers on social media. As one half of the morning show host duo on City’s Breakfast Television Toronto, Dina leads a busy life. With her charismatic personality, engaging interview style and enviable wardrobe courtesy of Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Dina makes mornings sparkle for her viewers even though she’s up early living her dreams, while most of us are still in dreamland.

On Q sat down with the genuine, authentic and one-of-a-kind gem, Dina Pugliese, for a look at her journey into Canadian television. Visit her website for more.



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