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Are we the only ones obsessing over Canada’s growing media landscape? From groundbreaking journalists, to influential bloggers and the stars of the Canadian screen, we have everything and more in our amazing nation. This is why we have decided to give our readers the inside scoop on some of our favourite Media Mavens. Follow along as we learn about the newest trends and exclusive tips from some of the coolest Canucks around.

JayKana_HeadShotJay Kana

Owner and editor of Mississauga’s only premier lifestyle publication, Jay Kana has a lot on his plate. From producing high class print content, to delivering interviews on YouTube through his JayRiding platform, he has a multifaceted approach to creating his brand. This wasn’t always Jay’s lifestyle, though. When Mississauga Life Spirit of the City abruptly closed in 2015, Jay realized that something pivotal would be missing from the city. With the absence of a true city-wide lifestyle magazine in Mississauga, he saw an opportunity to create a media company to connect with the community. Modern Mississauga makes a strong push on supporting and sharing the successes of local businesses. Combining print, digital and multimedia, the magazine has been very well received and continues to grow stronger with each issue. An innovator, Jay wears many hats these days. From publisher to researcher to writer, Jay has a clear mission to bring the best of Mississauga to the forefront through his multimedia platform that is Modern Mississauga.



In one sentence, explain what you do?

Publish Mississauga’s premier lifestyle magazine

What does a typical day look like for you?

Juggling act between different roles at Modern Mississauga, such as selling, prospecting, researching and writing. Then Reddit at night!

What is your biggest challenge these days?

Finding time to connect and reach out to all of the story topics, ideas and entrepreneurs in the city. I’m so lucky that I have had such a huge support system while working with and rejuvenating Modern Mississauga, though.

What celebrity would you invite for drinks?

John Mayer. He’s  guitar player, I’m a guitar player and he does a lot of fantastic things. He started by creating this bubblegum pop to appeal to the masses, but he was really using it to gain creative freedom. I would take him for a drive, instead of drinks though, in my first car with two speaker—a dark grey 1987 Volvo Station Wagon. He can still drink, there are cup holders!

What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

I find that social media helps to plug the gap between print, but Instagram is my favourite tool. It’s multi-faced. I can discover brands and people that I then can write about. Everyday, I try to spend around 60 minutes a day to look up Mississauga and find new things for my publication—it is a great lead tool, but also helps me stay updated. Several of the Instagram photos for Mississauga are location tagged at Pearson Airport, so you have to do some digging to find non-airport pictures, and there are so many great ones out there.
What’s impressive is that people are doing some really great things on the platform and taking some great photos and videos; I’ve found some amazing amateur photographers through there, there’s a lot of talent in Canada’s sixth biggest city.

What tips do you have for readers looking to break into the journalism sphere?

Write. Every. Day. It doesn’t matter if it’s five minutes or five hours; set aside an amount of time to get to it. It also doesn’t matter what you write, getting into the practice and discipline of doing it will help you make steps forward. Write your name if you have to, just to see how it changes. At least if you’re writing you’re making forward steps, as small as they may be you’re still advancing yourself. And be thorough, thorough, thorough. Fake news is a threat to the credibility of journalists and it’s important to be very cautious.

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Facebook: /ModernMississauga

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