Five apps to help optimize your work day

Working in the fast-paced communications industry, it’s crucial,to have tools that keep you organized. Whether it’s helping to clear a cluttered inbox, keeping track of your deadlines and planning your day, we have shared our top apps to optimize your work day.

Slack could very well be comparable to MSN for the office. Slack offers up private and group messaging in real time reducing the constant flow of back-and-forth emails. Streamlining your workflow and keeping teams coordinated and working efficiently. It also allows you to drag and drop files within chats to easily share information.  If you work remotely or with freelancers Slack is especially helpful bringing teams together when not everyone is in one office.

Trello is a collaboration tool that makes sure everyone stays on the same page. With Trello you have the convenience of keeping projects in one space by creating to-do lists, assigning tasks to team members and keeping track of what’s completed. Members can have all the information they need on a bulletin board under “In Progress” and then dragged over to a “Completed” column once the work is submitted, or create a workflow that fits their needs best. Team members can also add comments on the bulletin regarding each project.

For social media marketers and influencers, Instagram is one the most used social media platforms. If you post daily on Instagram, this app will make your life a whole lot easier. With Planoly you can draft, schedule and manage all of your posts right in one place. Planoly allows you to upload pictures on the app before posting to Instagram so you can plan your feed and captions ahead of time. Also, you can schedule your posts days, weeks or even months in advance saving precious time. Planoly also tracks your profiles analytics to better understand your audience.

Have you ever had a brilliant idea pop into your head, and then you get busy and forget it? Cue Evernote. Keeping notes on a daily basis is a crucial part of every work day. This cloud-based software service allows you to capture, organize and share notes from just about anywhere. You can jot ideas into the app and get back to it later by logging into your Evernote account on any device.

Google Calendar
Being apart of the Google family, Google Calendar is your appointment companion. This free online calendar helps efficiently manage your time to optimize your workflow.  Have all of your meetings, lunches and appointments all within the app and connected to your Google Drive. This app allows you to organize your entire schedule for weeks ahead and sends you reminders when you have something important coming up.

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