Five YouTubers Killing the Space

Fact: YouTube has over 300 minutes of footage uploaded per minute and 3.25 billion hours watched each month (source: statistic brain). This social media network is the future, with many experts comparing modern day YouTube to the new age of television. A medium that gives consumers control of what and when they watch, YouTube provides a targeted audience unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Here’s our list of Toronto’s top YouTubers.

Matthew Santoro

This St. Catharines boy, now living in the states, has amassed a following of over. 5.8 million subscribers. His factual videos have become incredibly popular, raising his profile to the level of stardom YouTubers dream of. From educating you, to making you laugh, he’s got a channel that you can literally watch for hours.


Probably one of the funniest Canadians on YouTube, JusReign combines his Punjabi heritage with his western living to make videos that make you do one thing: look like the laughing crying emoji. He’s collaborated with Toronto’s most notable celebrities including Kardinal Offishial, Norm Kelly and Andy Byford. He’s the comedian YouTuber we can’t stop talking about, and when you see his videos you’ll know why!

Allegra Louis

Sharing her laid-back style through hyperlapse videos, Allegra has grown a following of over 300K. Her raw and authentic personality has fans relating to her on a level deeper than most. With her large following inspiring the YouTuber to create Instagram hack-type videos, you can now get your fashion and social media updates all in one place.


Vijaya is the resident food expert for Marilyn Denis, sharing her cooking tutorials on television and YouTube. Her videos have over 4 million views, with a hint of vlogs to break up her content. If you’re an at home chef who loves Indian food, this young starlet’s channel is the one you need to be watching! Chicken Korma anyone?

Lauren Toyota

This vegan beauty uses her channel to show us what it’s really like to live a vegan lifestyle. From travel to beauty to snacks, she shares her tips for staying vegan at home and abroad. Her videos have tens of thousands of views, which is no surprise when you see how down to earth this gal is. Whether you want to watch her adventures in the Galapagos Islands, or are curious what she eats in a day, she has one of those channels you just can’t stop watching.

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