Brands On Q - December

Brands On Q – December

At On Q Communications, we love celebrating our favourite brands and sharing them with you. This month, we are excited to introduce Brands On Q – this monthly blog post is all about brands that are not only great but are truly better for you. We invite you to try out some of these brands and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

WE Chocolate

Delicious! Natural ingredients. And proceeds go to a good cause. How much better Can chocolate get? Livia Grujich, Co-founder and Partner

David’s Tea

I love tea and the selection at David’s Tea always has me spending so much time in store deciding on what flavour to try next. I also love that David’s Tea is a Canadian company and believe in the work they do with charities including WE. – Jen Chappell, Media Relations Manager

Live – Garden Vegetable Cracker Chips

I am a fan of intermittent fasting so by lunchtime I am usually ready to eat pretty much anything that crosses my path.  Working in PR, my schedule can only be planned so much, often times my day gets derailed with urgent meetings, breaking news for clients and the odd last minute media prep session.  Somehow it always happens just when I am about to sit down to enjoy my salad.  I always like to have a standby alternative in cases like this so that I am reaching for something healthy rather than following my nose down the street to the pizza shop.  Like many others, I admit carbs are my downfall.  Live cracker chips are shaped like crackers and have the same crunch as chips but are made with healthy ingredients like sunflower seeds, flax, kale, beets, lemon juice, and poppy seeds.  It tricks me into thinking I am filling my carb fix but really I am filling my veggie intake for the day!  The added benefit is that they are raw, plant-based, gluten-free and paleo. – Tanya Dodaro, Co-founder and Partner

Hurraw Lip Balm – Black Cherry

This is a long time fav. My life is busy, busy, busy but for me that is no excuse not to wear the top make-up essentials everyday.  Coloured lips are a must and I love quick, easy options. I admit I am one of those “addicted to lip balm” people, so it is natural for me to reach for my lip balm many times throughout the day. Hurraw is a tinted lip balm so it gives me my ‘lip balm fix’ while making adding a rosy tint to my lips all day long.  Since you naturally end up ingesting some of of what is on your lips, I want a product that is clean.  I fell in love with the natural, raw, cold pressed ingredients that make up Hurraw. – Tanya Dodaro, Co-founder and Partner

Hippie Snacks Coconut Clusters

It may be a bit of a cliché but as with so many things this brand stands out for me because it reminds me my of past travels. One of my favourite destinations in the world is Sri Lanka and in particular Hikkaduwa just at the south west tip of the country. Whenever I go there, coconut is my go to snack for the duration of the trip. The coconut I eat when touring around the town isn’t in ‘Clustered’ form (I’m usually snacking on freshly cut coconut) but for some reason this snack hits the flavour profile perfectly. Every time I have a bite I’m transported back to the beach watching the waves break. Add to this that Hippie Snacks produces all its products in a sustainable manner, is committed to high quality, Certified Organic & Non-GMO ingredients, and has a great culture focused on giving back to communities. It’s a brand I can’t help but love.  Jeff Barfield, Director of Digital Strategy


I’ve been using this hand cream for years, especially during the winter months. I used to work outdoors a lot over the winter and being exposed to the elements often meant my skin would get dry and itchy. I find this product offers the perfect formula to keep my hands moisturized. The aroma is also very subtle yet distinct. I like to get the 30 ml tube because it fits perfectly in my purse. Whenever I use this product it’s like taking a moment for self care. Galit Solomon, Director of Operations and Public Relations

Cocoa Glow – 100% Pure

Living in Canada in November takes a toll on everyone’s skin, mine included.  My tan from summer has faded and I feel like my skin looks as grey as the skies above. Cocoa Glow from 100% Pure gives me that sun kissed glow in the middle of even the darkest winter days. It works wonders when I am up late completing an RFP or just watching GOT re-runs and I have to be “on” and looking my best for a meeting the next day.  For me it’s magic sunshine, making me feel like I just came back from the Caribbean. It is very important for me to put things on my skin that are clean and natural. Often, I find it difficult to find good quality makeup that fall into this category.  I have to say I enjoy using 100% Pure products because the ingredients are 100% natural, 100% vegan and clearly outlined.  It is on the pricey side here in Canada but it is well worth it to have some sunshine in your pocket everyday! – Tanya Dodaro, Co-founder and Partner

Do you have a brand you can’t live without? At On Q we’re always on the lookout for companies making a difference in people’s lives. If you’d like to share a brand you love with the On Q team, snap a picture and tag us on Instagram @OnQComm. We’ll be sure to check it out and if we love it too it might even make it into our next edition of #BrandsOnQ.


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