Social media marketing done right: On Q’s Social ROI Program

One of the questions we just love to answer is ‘how can I generate revenue from my social media marketing?’

We’ve heard it time and again – our clients LOVE the engagement from their followers but really want to see direct ROI coming to them from their social media.

It’s easier than you might think with our Social ROI Program! We utilize existing partnerships in your network to reach goals we’ve set together – whether it’s increased attendance at events, higher comments on your Facebook posts, or increased revenue. We’ve worked with many of our clients, putting our Social ROI program in full swing and knocking expectations out of the park every time. Not only does it generate new revenue for you and your business, it also helps strengthen your partnerships and puts both you and your partners in expert positions in each of your respective industries!

A constantly changing communications, technological, and marketing landscape means that we all need to take a close look at how we spend our marketing dollars and adjust our strategies accordingly. Our program maximizes the efficiency of your spend and efforts.

Take a look at how we’ve helped one of our clients, The MBA Tour, increase attendance of their tour through our Social ROI Program alone!

To learn more about how you can benefit from our Social ROI Program, contact us at or check out our co-founder, Livia Grujich’s course, Monetizing Social Media at the Schulich Executive Education Centre



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