Snapchat’s Snap Inc. releases Spectacles

Wondering what’s the hot runway style for FW 2016? Look no further than your favourite social media platform, Snapchat, to stay on top of this year’s tech trend.

This past Friday, Snapchat, which has now rebranded to Snap Inc, announced that they are creating a new hardware line to extend their popular photography platform. With this announcement came the release of Spectacles, an innovative camera concept where you can record a day’s worth of ten-second snippets through your own viewpoint. These glasses, which come in three different colours, connect wirelessly to your Snapchat profile for easy uploading.

After the Google Glass trend went highly awry, with privacy concerns and an aesthetically unappealing design, you may be wondering why your brand should jump on the newest glasses trend.

Apart from the fact that they are designed to be more fashionable than the Google Glass, this new camera has a lot more potential than it’s creepy counterpart. The main one? You can actually choose when to turn on this camera. Designed to re-create your experience directly for the Snapchat platform, the camera has a visible On Button that records a maximum of 10 seconds at a time, exactly how long Snapchat videos are! With its 115 degree lens, you can record real life experiences, such as attending events, launching products or simply showing your followers what you’re up to. The founder of Snap Inc, Evan Spiegel, said that it was exactly like being there, which can extend the reach of anything that your business puts on. Allowing your fans and potential clients to experience your life right alongside you.

As Snapchat extends from an app built for teens to an app frequented by the biggest brands, it’s important to allow your brand to expand with it. For only $130, this could be the piece of camera equipment you need to take your brand to the next level.

Like all new technology, there are privacy concerns. Since the camera is on the face of the user, many people have wondered if there may be potential to record people without their permission. To make sure you stay out of hot water, just treat this new technology the same way you would any camera. With the amazing photo quality capturing exactly what you see, there are many options available to create videos that engage your audience.

Thanks to Snap Inc, we have our latest fall accessory! And don’t be afraid to wear your new Snap Inc Spectacles at night.

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