Media Roundup: October

When the weather gets cooler, the media hits get hotter. From top tier television outlets to online powerhouses and all the way to local blogs, we made sure our clients’ hits were on fire!

As a boutique Toronto PR agency, we’re all about working with the media to create stories and spread the word about our favourite brands. This month was no different. As we like to say, October was #OnQ.

Addicted: North Shore Pie Co.  

Oct 2, 2016


Addicted gave a warm kiwi shoutout to Anthony Spinley, the owner of North Shore Pie Co, by highlighting how a slice of pie can give you the authentic experience of growing up in the land down under. Along with great insights about the aroma and tenderness of the local steak-filling, they did a Tu Meke (great job!) of giving a well deserved high five to North Shore Pie Co and their amazing Taste of New Zealand event!

Read the full story here

Huffington Post: Professional Organizers in Canada  

Oct 7, 2016


With a hot housing market to keep us warm this fall, why not prepare your home and property for the best results? POC’s Marie Potter gives Huffington Post great tips on giving your home a competitive edge by creating an illusion of open space. It’s never too early to start implementing these easy to manage tips!  

Read the full story here

Investment Executive: Professional Organizers in Canada

Oct 7, 2016


How could we ever forget the device that keeps us working profusely day in and day out? Linda Chu from Professional Organizers in Canada gives Investment Executive tips on how to declutter your desktop. From categorizing files to freeing up memory space Linda Chu has a tip for every aspect of your personal computer.

Read the full story here

Breakfast Television Calgary: Professional Organizers in Canada & Paisley’s Albedo100

Oct 12, 2016


Does a double-double sound like the perfect remedy for this busy season? And no, we’re not talking about how we like our coffee! This collaborative segment on BT Calgary combined Professional Organizers in Canada and Paisley’s Albedo100 to support a joint causeCanadian winter car safety! While building your road safety kit, Georgina Forrest suggested keeping blankets and snacks in your car if you ever get stuck on the road. Combine that with Albedo100 to help oncoming traffic see you and you’ll be set to take on the Canadian winter roads. Don’t forget your snow tires!

Watch the full story here

The RedPin: Professional Organizers in Canada

Oct 19, 2016


In honour of small business month, Professional Organizer Carolyn Caldwell shared five tips on decluttering your home office with The Redpin Blog. Think about implementing some of these tips into your office space to improve productivity.

Read the full story here

Metroland Media Simcoe, InsideToronto, Mississauga & Northumberland News: Paisley’s Albedo100

Oct 21, 2016

missisauga-1 northumberlandnews screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-1

As thought-leaders of safety, Simcoe, InsideToronto, Mississauga, and Northumberland News, brought in the Peel-regional police to discuss winter road safety.  Constable Mark Fisher asked Torontonians to “wear reflective clothing, reflective bands, footwear, jackets, anything is helpful.” And how perfect is it that Paisley’s Albedo100 Reflective Spray stays invisible until car headlights hit it?!

Read the full story on Simcoe, InsideToronto , Mississauga and Northumberland News.

She Does the City: The Healthy Crunch Company

Oct 21, 2016


She Does the City gave us exclusive insight into the Queen of Kale, Julie Bednarski. As the founder of Healthy Crunch Kale Company, Julie’s healthy lifestyle and entrepreneurial spirit proves that she is a great role model for women and entrepreneurs everywhere.

Read the full story here

Metroland Media InsideToronto: Paisley’s Albedo100

Oct 28, 2016


InsideToronto gave parents friendly advice on how to be good safety advocates for kids by incorporating safety rules and attire into daily walks. Not only did they discuss the importance for Halloween night safety but also how the time change can negatively affect pedestrians. By “increasing your visibility, it will increase the opportunity for drivers to see you” says Bobbi Garro, spokesperson for Paisley Products of Canada Inc.

Read the full story here

CP24: Paisley’s Albedo100

Oct 30, 2016


In Toronto, pedestrian accidents are happening every two and a half hours all over the GTA. With safety concerns at an all time high, On Q reached out to CP24 Breaking News to promote Paisley’s newest Canadian product, Albedo100! Designed with safety in mind, this reflective spray is perfect for keeping Torontonians safe.

Breakfast Television Toronto: Paisley’s Albedo100

Oct 31, 2016


On Halloween, Breakfast Television Toronto helped us promote safety among trick-or-treaters. With Albedo100 available, little ones can be safe and seen in any costume they choose! This segment was unforgettable with two adorable models in this sweet Halloween segment!

Watch the full story here

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