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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly has always been addicted to the written word. From a young age she devoured novel after novel and discovered that words flowed out of her mind as easily as they flowed in from her beloved books. Writing became her next and now lifelong addiction, from the essays, poems and even a short novel in her teens, to her music blog and reviews for the Toronto Examiner in her twenties. Her dream has always been to write for a living and now that dream is coming true.

Today, Nadia is the co-founder and managing editor of Addicted magazine, an online lifestyle and entertainment magazine based in Toronto. There she is able to indulge in all the things she can’t live without; music, fashion (yes, that includes lingerie!), travel, beauty, and more. Nadia’s words and photos reach the eyes of readers around the world as she creates and curates habit forming content while sharing her addictions with her audience.

Nadia is also the #ladyboss of Handsome International Men. Inspired by movies like Magic Mike and similar Las Vegas productions, HiM aims to provide women with an entertainment option has so far been the domain of men. Through their sexy yet sophisticated events, hosted by Nadia herself, HiM creates the ultimate ladies night out to reward women for all the energy, effort and love they give to those around them.


In one sentence, explain what you do.

A little bit of everything.
Just kidding!
I’m the co-founder and managing editor of Addicted Magazine, Co-owner and Vice President, Sponsorship and Events for Handsome International Men, and an overall creative professional constantly on the lookout for exciting collaborations, projects and opportunities.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up between 9 and 10 am (I am NOT a morning person), and work on decluttering my home to prepare myself for my work day. My home is now my office, and a clear space helps me focus on doing what I need to do on any given day. Before I get to work I usually exercise, either by hitting the gym, doing some yoga or taking a fitness class. After that, usually around 1 or 2 pm I buckle down and get to work. On any given day that could be writing and editing content for Addicted, creating sponsorship pitches for Addicted or HIM, having meetings with current and prospective partners, or attending media or networking events for either or both of my businesses. I generally do my best work in the evening and night, so I’ll write/edit/etc until 11 pm or midnight, sometimes later. Then I go to bed and start all over again the next day!

What is your biggest challenge these days?

My biggest challenge, and that of most entrepreneurs, is determining how to succeed, financially and generally, while working for myself and on my own terms.  As an entrepreneur it’s up to you to bring in the work, and to find work that pays you your worth. That means constantly pitching, constantly explaining what you do and why it’s worth what you charge, and then going over and above to show the results you promised to ensure that you’ve earned every dollar. There’s a reason why not everyone chooses this path; it’s very challenging and frustrating at times, but that makes every accomplishment and every win so much more meaningful and valuable.  

What celebrity would you invite for drinks?

I love this question! There are so many people I admire for different reasons, but these days if I had to pick one, it would be Huda Kattan from Huda Beauty. I can relate so much story of leaving the corporate world behind to pursue her dream of becoming a makeup expert, I just recently did something very similar. Not only has she now achieved her goal, but she’s a globally recognized beauty brand. I love how she uses her cultural clout to support other rising stars in the beauty world, because she wants to help people do what they love as well. I’d love to sit down with her and some craft cocktails and talk about makeup and doing what we love for as long as she’d let me!

What are you raving about these days?

Doing what I do, I’m always raving about something, it’s literally part of my job. It’s also why I won’t be able to just pick one thing for this question, so I’ll narrow it down to three:

  1. My LG G5: a great smartphone is essential to my job, and the LG G5 is the one I’m loving these days. It’s easy to use, has great battery life and has two, that’s right two, amazing cameras built in. I’m obsessed with the wide angle lens that lets you capture more in a single photo, and the hands free front camera option that makes selfie taking a breeze. I’m addicted to this phone.
  2. Flume: I just bought Skin, the new album by this Australian DJ and producer and it’s beautiful. Between its amazing sounds, the fantastic collaborations (including Kai, Little Dragon and Tove Lo), this album takes you through a gamut of emotions, and makes you want to dance, sing, giggle and cry all at the same time. I can’t get enough of it.
  3. The current sneaker trend: As someone who goes to a ton of events, who walks, bikes and generally runs around a lot, the fact that flat, comfortable shoes combined with sleek and stylist outfits is on trend is amazing to me. I can pair a little black dress with my favorite new rose gold sneakers and still look party ready, while being comfortable enough to walk from one event to another.

From where do you receive inspiration?

I find myself inspired by other creative individuals who are doing what they were born to do. After reading Just Kids, by Patti Smith, I found my love for writing reinvigorated because her writing was so perfect and so beautiful to read. While watching July Talk perform to a huge screaming crowd at Osheaga, I found myself inspired by their growing and continued success; it made me so happy to see how far they have come since starting out, and it reminded me that perseverance is essential to making it in the creative world. And while recently working as a makeup model at Makeup Forever, I found myself inspired by the passionate and talented makeup artists there, true experts dedicated to their craft. When I’m around people who love what they do, I can’t help but be inspired to do what I do.

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