Meet On Q: 10 questions with Tanya Dodaro

What does one half of On Q’s dynamic duo look like? Tanya Dodaro, of course!

Tanya Dodaro is a fearless leader. After starting her career hosting and producing a national health and beauty show, Tanya realized her potential and passion as an entrepreneur. She began by co-founding On Q Communications, a trendy boutique communications firm in the beautiful city of Toronto. She fell in love with working with clients, and spends her days initiating leading campaigns and creating industry leading proposals. She quickly realized though, that she was ready for another challenge, and founded Bizzy Beez Childcare five years ago. She now balances her time doing what she loves most: encouraging and teaching her growing communications team and spending time with her two young daughters.

In one sentence, explain what you do at On Q Communications.

As a managing director and co-founder I work on everything from client management to HR to high level strategy to business development.

What does a typical work day look like to you?

It’s a combination of ideation sessions, client management, proposal creation and pitching new business.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

I would want to have superhuman endurance.  I would be able to keep achieving things indefinitely.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I am spending time watching my two little angels figure out the world around them.

Finish this sentence. I can’t start my day without _____________.

Mascara and lemon water.

What’s the most memorable campaign you’ve worked on with On Q?

I enjoyed working with the fashion industry.  We had fun launching FitFlop (a shoe company based in the UK) into the Canadian market.  We worked with top fashion magazines both in English and French Canada.  The shoes were well received and the increased awareness helped FitFlop secure placement in top shoe stores in Canada.

What’s your favourite spot in Toronto? Why?

My absolute favourite place is Harbourfront, it’s where I had my first date with my now husband and I still bring my kids when we have mommy/daughter dates.  Being by the water has a positive effect on my mood, making me instantly happy and excited about life.

What’s one thing that makes you a unique, dynamic team member?

I am an ideas person and I love working with my team to see the ideas come to fruition.

What are three words your co-workers would use to describe you?

Self-starter, flexible and motivated

What advice do you have for young PR or communications professionals looking to break out in their field?

Intern as much as you can, it is the one time in your life where you are allowed to make mistakes making it the best opportunity to learn and work on growing your skill set.

To speak to Tanya to learn more about what she does at On Q, or to pick her brain about the industry, feel free to email her at


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