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The trend of online video consumption is still picking up speed and Facebook is not one to get behind. Last month they launched Facebook Live, a feature that allows users to live-stream videos. It seems that Facebook and Periscope are constantly trying to come out on top of the other. The feature is easy to use—with just a tap of the live stream icon you are ready to broadcast straight from your smartphone. You can, and should, also add a description to your video as it will have a permanent spot on your timeline. Your followers can watch your video after it’s live, which makes Facebook Live stand out from the rest. However, Periscope quickly took note of this and now also includes a save feature.

Facebook Live is a great way for both marketers and consumers to engage with their Facebook community so of course, we gave it a try! Here are our top 3 tips:

  1. Make sure that you integrate the live stream feature into your content calendar to showcase authenticity and give your brand some dynamic content to share.
  2. Give your audience a reason to keep coming back anytime you have an event or anything live—give them a sneak peak into what’s really going on behind the scenes.
  3. Leverage influencers or people who are very prominent in the space to create guest live streams to feature your products or showcase your services. You can think of this as an Instagram takeover but it will be a Facebook takeover!

It’s important to remember that the main focus of Facebook Live is to ensure that your followers are watching and engaging. Here are some extra tips to keep in mind:

•Announce the date and time of your broadcast to let your users know when to tune in.
•Write a great description so users will know the topic of your broadcast before they tune in, and to compel others to watch it after the fact.
•Most importantly, engage with your viewers—ask for feedback and respond to any questions or comments.

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