Digital detox: Where to escape near Toronto

In this day and age, it is easy to get lost online. Whether you’re a PR Professional always on the go, or just a busy 20th century personnel constantly checking in on social media, much our life tends to take place online.

As the summer heats up, we’re encouraging you to take full advantage of this season. Even though we live in the 6ix, there are still moments when we like to escape and give ourselves a little digital detox. Here are our top places in and around Toronto to help you relax and recharge, without your phone! And if you’re too busy to get away this summer, we have you covered too!

The Library


“When you’re in a library, you’re forced to disconnect because there are no phone calls allowed. I like to curl up in a nice library in Toronto, and relax with a good book when the days get too hectic. It’s a great way to disconnect and get lost in something. Plus, I am secretly a huge nerd!” – Raven

The Lakefront


“I am so grateful that I live near the Toronto lakefront. Whether I’m taking my dogs for a walk, going on a run or bike ride, or even just watching the water, the lakefront is such a calming place to be. It’s like my own personal oasis, away from the sounds of the city” – Maria Teresa

The gym


“As an owner of multiple businesses, I am constantly attached to my phone or computer. Working with clients across North America and the world, I need to be able to stay in contact with them and be available when they need me. But I am also a busy mom of two, so I try to take a break from everything and enjoy some alone time. I usually try to escape to the gym, crank up my music and turn my phone onto airplane mode” – Tanya

Your Own Back Yard
“Having recently moved to a new house with a very private back yard, I find some of my most relaxing, away from it all moments, are now ‘right in my back yard’. Whether it’s fun in the sun with my family, a nice evening on the patio with friends, or simply a quiet afternoon watching the clouds go by, serenity is now closer to home than ever.” – Livia



IMG_1037 (1)

“It’s a fair bit outside of the city, but totally worth it! My cousin has a houseboat in Gananoque, which is near Ottawa. We like to take the boat out for a long weekend or a week and spend the day swimming and tanning. There is no cell phone service when I’m there so I have no choice but to disconnect!” – Renata

Cottage on the lake


“I don’t get to go up too often, but when I have an extended weekend, I like to head to my Aunt’s cottage in Muskoka for a weekend away in the sun and the lake. It’s even great in the fall, when the leaves are changing but it’s still warm enough to hang out outside. You can even rent cabins up there if you can’t invest in one yourself.” – Lisa

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