On Q Communications collects a valuable new client, Yorkville’s Muzeum

If you’ve ever wondered what your inherited possessions are worth, you are not alone. More often than not, collectables and jewellery remain untouched for years, collecting dust in a box. When Muzeum came to us looking to raise their profile in the city, we couldn’t resist – between admiring their rare and unique valuables from around the world, to the endless possibilities to showcase their expertise, On Q knew that Muzeum was a gold mine waiting to be stumbled upon. To help elevate their presence, On Q Communications was brought on to execute a Toronto media blitz.

Muzeum is a team of certified personal property appraisers and gemologists, specializing in rare collectibles, fine jewellery, and precious metals. Their mission is to bring rare and unique pieces to homes in Canada and across the world. They believe that every person deserves to own something that will help them remember the beauty of the past and appreciate the hope of the future.

The experts at Muzeum have been in this industry for half a century and have industry partnerships in several major cities. They have travelled around the world and hosted thousands of roadshow events, creating an expansive network of collectors, end-users, buyers, and sellers. Using their network, they create international bidding wars to get maximum value for items, heirlooms, and family treasures.

To view some of the coverage On Q Communications secured for Muzeum, click on the links below:

For more information, visit https://www.muzeum.ca/

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