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  • Should you hire a social media agency?

    Should you hire a social media agency?

    Knowing when to hire a social media firm can mean all the difference. We are all aware of the benefits that come along with having a stellar social media following.  By now, most trend-worthy brands exist on social platforms and have a good handle of keeping things afloat but if you want to stand out,…

  • Calling for Influencers!

    Calling for Influencers!

    Are you a socially savvy MBA prospect, student or alum located in North America? We want to hear from you! We’re currently searching for social media influencers to be a part of an exclusive paid network for our client The MBA Tour. What is an influencer network? An influencer network is where handpicked individuals are presented…

  • Pope Francis at the social media helm

    Pope Francis at the social media helm

    Building a successful personal brand can be a major contributor to overall organization or company brand success. We’ve seen big personalities like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg add value to brands like Virgin, Apple, and Facebook over years of their leadership. But it isn’t only companies that can add value to brands and…