Media Roundup: November

The person behind the business. Breaking news. Optimizing home offices for the holiday work-grind. Being a Toronto-based PR agency, our motivation comes from seeing our clients’ brands exactly where they should be… in the spotlight! Between helping them leave lasting impressions and getting people talking, we’ve done a lot this month. Check it out below!

albedo-for-24hrs24 Hours: Albedo100

Nov 3, 2016

24 Hours featured Paisley’s Albedo100 for all the Torontonians on-the-go. Mike Cranwell, of Gears Bike Shop, discussed bike safety as the winter weather approaches. He spoke about how incorporating Albedo100 into your winter cycling attire can keep you safe and seen when it matters the most.

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24HRS: Albedo100

Nov 4, 2016

In this E-Edition of 24 Hours Mike Cranwell, General Manager of Gears Bike Shop, encouraged bikers to use Albedo100 as an essential winter safety tool for bikers. Check out page 10 for all his tips!

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Global News: Albedo100

Nov 4, 2016

Global News featured Albedo100 when discussing ways both pedestrians and drivers can take caution on the road. Marlon Paisley even demonstrated the power of Albedo100 product by spraying it on reporter Cindy Pom. Being safe in the streets of Toronto means not only being aware and visible when crossing the streets, but also being an aware driver.

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FS Local: Healthy Crunch

hc-on-fsNov 7, 2016

FS Local featured the woman Behind the Business, Julie Bednarski, founder of The Healthy Crunch Company. She talked about the virtue of patience in business and the passion that comes from within as she gave a whole new meaning to being an entrepreneur!

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Canadian Family: Paisley’s Albedo100

albedo100-on-canadian-parentNov 10, 2016

Canadian Family featured Albedo100 as one of the top 5 items to add into your 2016 winter gear guide! Spraying Albedo100 on children and strollers ensures their visibility for the walk home after school. This spray is a definite must-have to ensure your winter wonderland stays as wonderful as it is safe!

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Daily Hive: North Shore Pie Co

nspc-on-dhNov 11, 2016

The Daily Hive featured North Shore Pie Co. as one of their favourite restaurants with a killer instagram account. Featuring scrumptious New Zealand baked goods, how could anyone resist?!

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Redpin: POC

poc-on-redpinNov 29, 2016

On behalf of Professional Organizers in Canada, Clare Kumar contributed a piece for the Redpin blog on optimizing a small living space. From defining your needs, to planning your space to maximizing storage and even finding space-saving and multi-functional products, Kumar breaks down how to optimize a small space like a pro.

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Breakfast Television Calgary: Professional Organizers in Canada

Nov 22, 2016


Georgina Forrest of Professional Organizers in Canada shared tips with BT Calgary on how to prepare for your newborn baby’s arrival by using classic techniques like getting your diaper bag ready, to leveraging technology like sleep and nutrition monitoring apps. She also suggests keeping a baby binder full of contact info and health records.  

Watch the full story here

News Talk 1010: Healthy Crunch

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-12-41-10-pmNov 19, 2016

Julie Bednarski, founder of Healthy Crunch, spoke with THE Zane Caplansky for two segments on NewsTalk 1010’ Let’s Eat! She talked about Healthy Crunch’s flavours, locations and even watched Zane give a first impression review on-air which led to a huge endorsement!





Roger’s Daytime York: Healthy Crunch

hc-on-rogersNov 22, 2016

Julie Bednarski, founder of Healthy Crunch, was featured on Roger’s Daytime York, where she spoke about the importance of understanding nutrition when raising an infant or child on a vegan diet.





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