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It might not look or feel like it, but the calendar never lies. Summer will soon be winding down. That’s why in the August installment of Better for You by On Q, we are sharing some of our favourite brands that will keep things fresh and exciting for you all year round. Whether it’s sweet treats, savoury eats, or a ‘Brave’ new way to take on the cold months ahead, our team has you covered!

Seely Mint

True story! I looked away for a moment, and these delicious, minty treats were gone. That’s how much my daughters loved them! Nutrition is important in our household, but of course, you have to leave some room for indulgence too. The awesome thing about Seely Mint is that it satisfies your sweet tooth cravings but the ingredients, including the mint products, are fresh from the farm fields. Delicious and good for you! I dare you to stop at just one.

  • Tanya Dodaro, Co-founder & Partner

Authentic Brave Apparel

As the director of digital strategy, I spend a great deal of time in meetings and even more time in front of my computer, so wearing comfortable clothing throughout the day is a must. It’s also important to me that I support clothing brands that are working to make a real difference in the world. So, when a company like Authentic Brave Apparel comes along and provides great clothing while also making it their mission to inspire others to live a life of purpose, I can’t help but be interested. Add to this the fact that 5% of sales goes directly to supporting mental health initiatives and I’m sold. Wearing their t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories is a win win situation for everyone and Authentic Brave Apparel is definitely a Canadian company I’m happy to support.

  • Jeff Barfield, Director of Digital Strategy


If you’re constantly on the go, like I am, skipping lunch can happen more often than you care to admit. Sometimes this mid-day meal becomes another thing to worry about. But what if someone else was doing all the thinking for you? Enter BIO RAW. This organic, nutrient dense, gluten-free and vegan salad powerhouse delivers carefully curated culinary delights straight to your doorstep so, I have no more excuses for skipping lunch. You can also pick them up at many health food store locations. With names like “The Ninja”, ‘The Shred” and “The Fiesta” you will never look at salad the same way again! I know I won’t.

  • Brit Linton, Social Media and Influencer Relations Manager

All photography provided by The Album Collective






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