#BOQ: Confidence was the key to Skin Essence’s success

“Now when I look in the mirror, I feel like I look good, it helps me hold my head high and talk to people in the eye. It’s not about how I look to other people, it’s how I feel about myself.” After a journey with an unhealthy lifestyle, David partnered with Skin Essence to empower himself.  Promoting a healthy lifestyle and personal confidence is a key message that his brand strives to tell, leading them to be this week’s #BOQ.

David’s Story

As a model struggling with his skin, David felt helpless. Signed by an agent at Ford models at the age of 17, he was confident that this was the place for him. He wanted to work as a model, he wanted the opportunity to travel around the world, but this drive wasn’t enough. He had the potential to go far, that much was obvious, but he needed to make some dramatic changes if he was going to achieve the goals that he set for himself.

That change came in the form of a lifestyle revamp. He started eating healthier and living healthier, a key part of that for him was taking care of his skin. Being a model, how he looked drastically affected the roles he won, so he started his journey with Skin Essence and set his course for success. “It literally changed my skin. I’ve worked in 34 countries now, I’ve worked for major brands”, and even with all the success he’s found, he still credits most of it to Skin Essence. Now, eight and a half years later, he is President of the Skin Essence brand, devoting his life to helping others find the confidence he found. Through promoting healthy, organic lifestyle choices, he helps expand the business and share his journey to self confidence. “When you look good, you feel good,” is the mantra that he lives with everyday.

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Skin Essence began its journey long before David started using it.

Just over 20 years ago, before natural and organic was almost a necessity in a product, an aesthetician had an idea. With her scientific background, along with her training as an herbalist, alchemist and holistic certified aesthetician, she decided she wanted to develop a product that was not only good for you, but good for the environment. She started concocting formulas, playing around to figure out what would absorb properly, what would stop breakouts and what would nourish the skin completely.

As a spa owner with a loyal following, she started testing these formulas on her very own clients. “You can’t just put theory into a bottle and expect it to work… so it was really a matter of taking that theory and trying it on people”. After many years of trial and error with customer’s that stuck by her side throughout this time, she branded Skin Essence. Those years of testing formulas and theories led Skin Essence to strive to perfection because they knew that a customer base that stood by their side all of those years was worth the effort.


In the span of a conversation with David, the drive behind Skin Essence becomes instantly clear. Although they are creating a skin care line, their goal is to promote an entire healthy living concept. As a gluten free, vegan, organic, GMO free product that isn’t tested on animals, they hope to promote this idea that David stands by, that looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand with having confidence to achieve.

Though they rely largely on word of mouth marketing, they are also aware of the power of social media. Through collaboration efforts with bloggers and Instagram influencers, they want customers to know what makes them special, unique and to help them share the important parts of the brand story. With a unique product and dedicated followers, they know that sharing their brand’s story in a highly saturated market is an important element in growing the brand and promoting the healthy lifestyle movement.

They also understand that transparency of information in the modern age. They try to make it easy for potential customers to recognize what makes Skin Essence unique by promoting the ingredients found in their products. “The more access to information we have and the easier the access is, the more people ask questions” and they hope to be able to answer those questions as simply as possible, all while showing their customers what a lifestyle
re-evaluation can do for oneself. “Good henurture-with-boxalth doesn’t happen by accident. Good health happens by choices that you make” and they are motivated to help their customers make those good choices.

After 20 years in a rapidly changing market, David is truly passionate about the message he promotes. His advice to entrepreneurs stems from this passion: “If you do what you actually love, are passionate about and actually believe in, you’re going to be successful at it. If you’re successful and you love it, you’re going to be happy and proud.”

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