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Rey Pan


Rey Pan has the dream job of foodies everywhere, and by taking one look at his blog or Instagram feed, you will quickly realize why! Following his savvy sense of taste around Toronto and the world, EatnMingle lets us in on the best and newest food trends. Beautiful photos and delicious descriptions populate Rey’s social feeds, but it doesn’t stop with his online presence. Rey is also a meetup group expert, allowing foodies around our city to meet, mingle and munch at the best restaurants Toronto has to offer. If you’re a professional foodie, or even just a food enthusiast (and who isn’t?), you have to get together with Rey and his foodcentric group. These events fill up quickly because of his loyal following and superior and trustworthy sense of taste. Follow his delicious journey on social media, and read on to see how this social media maven takes his presence from online to offline with his food fuelled meetup groups!

1- In one sentence, explain what you do.

EatnMingle crafts one-of-a-kind experiences to explore, discover and share food with Toronto.

2- What has been the biggest surprise in your career so far?

I’m surprised with the overwhelming support EatnMingle has received so far. Starting a simple dining group five years ago on, I never imagined that EatnMingle would grow to become more than just a hobby or a simple monthly “get together”.

In 2012, I had 2 desires: the first was to meet the chefs I admired in the city and the second was to share moments with others who were equally passionate food-enthusiasts.  Since then, I have had the privilege to meet and work with many of the best chefs in the city which has been a very humbling experience while meeting many new food-loving friends in the process.

3- What celebrity would you invite for drinks?

Anthony Bourdain. I’ve been a huge fan of his since… forever. I have read all of his books and I have watched every episode of his incredible shows, new and old. When I say every episode, that includes the “A Cook’s Tour” series and those narrated/produced by him like The Layover, Mind of a Chef and The Getaway. He’s influenced the way I write, the way I see food and the way I travel. I respect him because he’s figured things out, he’s experienced things, and he knows who he is, which is rare in today’s social media driven world.  It would be incredible to receive advice, share stories and opinions about everything. We also both love whiskey, and that’s great lubrication for great conversation.

4- What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

Lately I’ve been loving Snapchat. It gives me the opportunity to really be myself.  With no edits and almost no prep the videos are a true representation of my personality, opinions and experiences. The stories are then shared by people who actually care and watch them. It’s a great way to connect with fans and friends alike.

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5- What tips can you give to our readers for creating a successful Meet-Up group?

To be successful in anything, I think you need 3 things:

  1. Enjoy What You’re Doing
  2. Understand Why You’re Doing It
  3. Use the Right Tools (Research)

When you enjoy what you’re doing, you tend to do it more often without having to think about it. You just do it because you’re passionate about it. What you’ll find is that consistency becomes natural and that working seems less like work. When you work with passion, you’re working with the right intent, and that shows through your product and results.

Before EatnMingle, I attended food events across the city and found that there were components that were missing, opportunities to make them more special without the pretentiousness and hefty price. So I started EatnMingle on two premises: to see if I could provide these experiences with added value and as a fun hobby to support my never-ending love for eating! Meetup was a perfect platform for EatnMingle because it specialized in real-life meetups where strangers come together for a common interest.

I didn’t know it then, but now I understand why EatnMingle grew to become what it is today.

I look forward to every event I plan, I spend a lot of time researching the perfect restaurants for each event, I taste the food (the best part), I collaborate and design the menu with the chef, and then share it with members of EatnMingle. This happens everyday. But on the other side, I also engage with my members through social media. I provide stories, reviews and suggestions for all of them to read and use. By bringing all sides of the food community together, EatnMingle has grown from a common passion and the right intent. I do it because I love food and I love sharing those experiences with others.

Instagram: eatnmingle
Twitter: EatnMingle
Snapchat: EatnMingle


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