How to Launch a Beauty Brand

Formulating your mass market launch is the most important step. Using your lingo, from pitch to placement, we’ll help you launch your beauty brand successfully!

#1: The Primer

Find your niche

beauty-qTo stand out among the flood of beauty products on the market, you need be able to bring your brand to the forefront with a unique angle. There are so many beauty products available, knowing how to make your brand stand out is key. 

To help determine your unique factor, ask yourself questions like:

  • What is unique about my products?
  • Are they on trend by appealing to those who seek natural, organic or vegan products?
  • Do my products evoke new beauty trends?
  • Are my products aimed at a specific under-serviced demographic?
  • Is there something specific about my formulations that I would like to bring to light?
  • What is special about my ingredients?
  • Is there a cause that I am affiliated with that can help boost my brand visibility?  

Skin Essence and Da Lish are excellent examples of brands that have defined their uniqueness with carefully selected strategies.

Next step for any beauty regime….the foundation!

#2: The Foundation

Create a knock-out strategy

To come up with a formula for the perfect strategy, you need to determine several factors, such as objectives, goals, target demographic and tactics.

Marketing 101:

  • Objectives are the overall outcome you expect to achieve.
  • Goals are the steps and milestones you take to fulfill your brand objectives.
  • Demographic is the market that you are targeting.

Once you have your foundation, the fun begins. Next step is none other than campaign ideation, execution and measurement. “When determining your tactical strategy be sure to include new age media such as public relations, social media and brand partnerships. These tend to be lower cost initiatives that have the ability to really spread the word to the masses,”  says Tanya Dodaro, On Q  Communications Co-Founder and CEO.

#3: The Blending & Contouring  

Mix it up and get social!

Once you have your strategy in place, having a strategic and powerful presence within your consumer’s life is essential to maintaining a distinct voice for your brand. Over breakfast, you want to show up on their Facebook feed. You want to appear in their favourite magazine while they sift through the pages during their 3 p.m. snack. And you want to pop up on their Instagram while they scroll before bed—you want your brand to be top of mind at all times. Differentiating your brand and engaging your target market can be difficult to achieve but with the right strategy and execution tools you will bare the best results!

#4: The Eyes, Lips, Brows & Blush

Adding the details with Influencers

img_9012Up and coming influencer campaigns are being used very successfully to build brands. Influencers can initiate a unique relationship with your customers while supporting your brand and creating a consumer experience that has a lasting emotional value. Creating an influencer program allows you to recruit trending personalities based on criteria to engage your target market whether it be on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram or blog. By identifying key platforms as well as top influencers that support your mission statement and goals, you blend and extend your brand into the consumer community and reinforce a cohesive message. Choosing your influencers wisely is key.

Now you are all set with a flawless launch, enjoy your selfie!

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