Introducing #BrandsOnQ

Welcome to the all-new On Q Communications anthology #BrandsOnQ!

We built this collection to celebrate the best brands, products and companies with innovative thinking and a flair for marketing success. On Q Communications is proud to be celebrating 11 years in business and we admit, we’ve seen big changes happen right before our eyes: businesses and even whole industries have transformed, people have altered the way they consume media and information, and digital marketing is evolving faster than ever before.

In #BrandsOnQ, we’re putting together a collection of the companies and products, people and organizations, movements and trends that have done a bang-up job getting eyes and ears on them. With their fantastic products and eye-catching marketing campaigns, these profiled companies truly turn heads. To be a #BrandsOnQ brand, you have brought the world a better product/service, brand and company. You have also impressed your audience with engaging communications, intriguing marketing techniques and compelling public relations execution.

Twice a month, we’ll be highlighting a new company that we think is ‘doin’ it right!’ and getting the word out about themselves in new and effective ways. Follow along and spread the word about them with #BrandsOnQ!

Do know of a brand that’s ‘doin’ it right”? Let us know and we’ll consider it for #BrandOnQ!


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