Seven tips to step up your social game

A study by Social@Ogilvy found that organic reach has declined to 6 percent.  In other words, if you don’t boost your posts with advertising, only 6 out of 100 people will see your post.  Now more than ever, brands need to step up their social game.  Here are seven tips that you can put into practice to ignite your organic reach:

  1. Try to mix post volume, you can go from 2 times a day then skip a day and experiment with it to find your sweet spot.
  1. Experiment with times of days, look at when people are most social by reaching out to them in their personal time, try early mornings, evening and weekends.
  1. Craft your post for maximum shares. Start by studying highly shared posts and replicate the “shareability” factor part of the post.
  1. Re-purpose the same content. It can be effective to re-post the same item the following week or another time.
  1. Identify affiliates and partners and have them share your content to their fans and followers.
  1. Think and act like a member first and like a marketer second.
  1. Always think about how you can make your friends’ and followers’ lives better and focus your posting strategy on this key point.






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