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Influencer Relations

Every minute of every day, people around the world log onto social media to see what their favourite Instagrammers and bloggers are talking aboutthe products they love, the brands they recommend, and their wish lists. If you want your brand or product to reach a wide audience, advertising through celebrity endorsement and influencer engagement is the way to go! When you choose to work with On Q, you have access to our influencer and ambassador networks, as well as access to niche markets. We maintain relationships with key influencers while keeping an eye out for those who are new and up and coming. We identify partnership opportunities with influencers who are engaging the audiences you want to reach, and activate them as brand champions to stimulate action through exciting content.

Our Expertise

  • Strategy
  • Influencer + Ambassador Networks
  • Access to Niche Markets
  • Launch Events
  • Celebrity Endorsements