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Tonica Kombucha: Turning kombucha into a household name

Our Challenge

Kombucha is well-known in the health industry as the fermented tea that replenishes, hydrates and restores the body. In recent years, the beverage has been picking up steam within mainstream markets, but not enough to make it as recognizable as its soda counterparts. On a mission to raise Tonica Kombucha’s status as the leading kombucha beverage, as well as positioning kombucha as the world’s next soda, On Q Communications led a four month media blitz.

The Strategy behind the campaign

  • Develop stories that the mainstream market can understand ie. the hangover free cocktail, pop’s healthier counterpart and the kombucha craze

  • Create a media kit to educate the media on kombucha’s health benefits as well as what makes Tonica Kombucha stand out among competitors

  • Conduct a media audit to determine the kinds of coverage that kombucha has obtained in the past

  • Focus on lifestyle outlets and writers, positioning Tonica Kombucha as the beverage that can make your health goals a reality

  • Position Tonica Kombucha’s founder as a leading entrepreneur in the health food industry with a goal to make kombucha tea and healthy alternatives completely accessible to mainstream consumers

Bragging Rights

  • Secured 6 million impressions with coverage in Toronto Star, The Marilyn Denis Show and Newstalk1010

  • Garnered a mix of print, digital, radio and television coverage, hitting all mediums of news

  • Positioned Tonica Kombucha as a leading beverage, enabling the brand to raise it’s profile and create buzz that the sales team could use to its advantage

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