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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre: Giving back to the Toronto community

Our Challenge

When On Q heard that the RBC run for the kids event was launching for the first time, we approached Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to offer pro-bono social media strategy that would boost the event. As both of our founders are mothers, it was important for them to give back to the community and other families in Toronto.

The Strategy behind the campaign

  • Introduce the promotion of the official hashtag #RBCRunForTheKids by ensuring the hashtag was integrated into all speaking materials, visible throughout the race and was used in marketing materials
  • Strategically create social media content that was optimized to promote the event and create online discussions
  • Lead on-site social media activation which included sharing images and tweets in real-time
  • Increase social media engagement by hosting giveaways and prize packs

Bragging Rights

This campaign launched in 2013 when completing on-site activation such as live tweeting was a new concept. The strategy proved to be a great success with a significant increase in engagement and reach — the hashtag reached 22,361 users in four days. Photography was also a large part of the social media experience and enabled On Q to give behind the scenes access to Torontonians and media who couldn’t attend the event.

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