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Professional Organizers in Canada raise their profile across Canada

Our Challenge

As the organizing industry started to grow, Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) wanted to raise awareness of the organization and give visibility to it’s members across Canada. With no media experience or trained spokespeople, the organization was starting out fresh. Along with breaking the myth that all organizers help with hoarding, POC wanted to build strong media relationships that would lead to long-term contributions and regular appearances.

The Strategy behind the campaign

  •     Gather and media train various spokespeople from across Canada
  •     Develop key messages for the brand so that every organizer knows the key phrases to mention in an interview
  •     Position spokespeople as experts in their field
  •     Create custom pitches based on new story ideas, timely seasons, timely news and timely events
  •     Develop and share press releases throughout the year to peak media’s interest
  •     Target lifestyle journalists who showed an interest in organizing

Bragging Rights

Since 2010 On Q has secured over 96 million media impressions across Canada with mentions in over 300 stories such as CTV, Global, Toronto Star, The Sun, Today’s Parent, Canadian Living, Canadian Business, Chatelaine, Style at Home, Huffington Post and much more. Various spokespeople across Canada have become regular contributors on television and print, and have developed incredibly strong relationships with media as the go-to experts.

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