On Q agency of choice for Albedo100 Canadian expansion

On Q Communications is excited to announce a new product that has recently launched in Canada! Created in the United Kingdom, Albedo100 has finally made it’s way  across the pond thanks to Paisley Products. As they take Canada by storm with their innovative technology, we are excited to be by their side.


Designed with safety in mind, Albedo100 is a clear, permanent and non-permanent adhesive spray. Using a glue adhesive and reflective beads, you can use this aerosol can spray on hard and soft surfaces making objects, people and animals reflective in even the darkest weather conditions. Albedo100 glows at a distance of 500 feet when lit up by headlights or flashlights, giving vehicles plenty of time to stop in the case of an emergency. Though the product was originally developed to decrease the number of animal fatalities in the north by lighting up reindeer on the roads, it has taken over the consumer market due to its infinite potential. Parents can  spray baby strollers, runners and bikers can use it to light up their gear and pet owners can ensure that their animals are visible in the darkest of nights. Designed with safety in mind, there are so many scenarios that are proving to benefit from Albedo100 Reflective Spray. You can easily find it online and in some of your favorite retail locations, such as Canadian Tire. Staying safe late at night has never been easier! Join us on the journey as we watch Canada light up over this amazing new technology!


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