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Oliver Jewellery goes on social media: Building an online presence for an offline celebrity

Our Challenge

If you ask someone in Toronto if they’ve heard of Russell Oliver they’ll most likely nod and say yes. Often recognized for his vibrant commercials and nickname ‘The Cashman,’ he has successfully built an offline presence. However, when it came to social media, his brand Oliver Jewellery, needed to find ways to attract and build an online following of millennials. In addition to needing an acquisition and engagement strategy for social media, Oliver Jewellery needed a fresh PR approach.

The Strategy behind the campaign

  • Create and execute Facebook contests using a strong incentive of CASH giveaways aimed at increasing followers
  • Capitalize on the #hiddencash craze and bring it to Toronto by having Russell Oliver hide cash around the city and encourage fans to go on the Twitter page to find clues on where the cash was located
  • Challenge Facebook Fans to tell us how they would share their wealth via a ‘share the wealth’ campaign for a chance to win CASH
  • Proactively pitch Russell Oliver to producers and editors in Toronto with a strong focus on his business career and background, giving insights into the man behind ‘The Cashman’ empire

Bragging Rights

Since September 2013 the Oliver Jewellery Facebook page has grown by over 4000% (from 42 followers to over 2,000). The brand now has an active social media following on Facebook and Twitter with fans spanning across the GTA, Russell’s exact target market. Russell Oliver was also featured in a number of top tier media outlets including The Globe and Mail, CBC, 680 News, Newstalk 1010, The Toronto Star and more.

Since this campaign, On Q has been brought on for various initiatives and is the official PR representative for Toronto’s one and only Cashman.

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