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Healthy Crunch finds the spotlight with media attention and sales

Our Challenge

Healthy Crunch, a new kale chip to hit the Canadian market, needed exposure to interest consumers and assist with sales. The product offered a very different taste compared to traditional potato chips, and also needed to break out of the ‘healthy living only’ stigma to garner interest from the mass market. To help solve the problem, On Q Communications was brought on to obtain monthly media coverage that targeted the mass Canadian market.

The Strategy behind the campaign

  • Develop key messages about the brand to educate the mass market and position Healthy Crunch as an everyday solution to snacking

  • Media train the founder of Healthy Crunch, Julie Bednarski, to ensure that key messages were mentioned during every media interview

  • Leverage the professional accreditations of Julie Bednarski to position her as an expert in nutrition and food

  • Flush out stories from the founder and the brand to entice media and keep them interested

  • Leverage timely and seasonal trends to insert Julie or Healthy Crunch into the discussion

  • Seed media, nutritionists, television experts and influencer with the product to introduce them to Healthy Crunch and keep Healthy Crunch top of mind for any editorial purposes

Bragging Rights

From August 2016 to April 2017 Healthy Crunch received over 10.5 million media impressions across the country securing coverage in top tier outlets such as CP24, Global Morning, CTV, BT, The Sun, Best Health and Canadian Living. The brand went from being in 70 retail stores to over 11,000 retail stores, with products continually selling out. Julie also become AM 640’s resident health expert, continually being called upon to comment on breaking news in the health realm. The Canadian media landscape has come to known Julie Bednarski as a trusted Registered Dietitian and the founder of Healthy Crunch, and continually calls upon her whenever a story breaks.

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