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Albedo100 launches in Canada

Paisley Products of Canada appointed the On Q team to introduce their most recently acquired product, Albedo100 into the Canadian market for a Fall 2016 launch. The focus was to work with media to encourage secured media coverage including endorsements and features. The PR campaign would mirror the large-scale TTC campaign, “Be Safe, Be Seen”. Widely used as a cycling and pedestrian safety product, it was launched this fall, giving us a short window to make Albedo100 timely in the market. Albedo100 did not have a dedicated Canadian spokesperson, presenting challenges for radio and television.


  • Initiate a high impact, short timeline media blitz in Toronto, Canada’s largest market, focusing on a targeted demographic of “active” individuals. This ensured a higher brand recognition within a focused geographical area
  • Leveraging a local cycling expert as a spokesperson for mutual exposure, we conducted media training to ensure key messages were included in all media interviews
  • Partner with a local charity for a television spokesperson
  • Focus on the timely nature of the product due to the reduced visibility from the season change: child visibility for Halloween, cyclist safety, the November time change, pedestrian visibility
  • Reach out to relevant Canadian publications for features in their holiday gift guides and gear guides
  • Deliver product samples to a sought out media demographic for editorial consideration
  • Provide custom pitches to relevant media
  • Reach out to media immediately after timely incidents (cycle or pedestrian fatalities)

Bragging Rights

In under three months Albedo100 received over 3.9 million media impressions, with another 200,000 media impressions secured to be released before Spring 2017. The product was featured in top tier media outlets such as CP24, BT Toronto, BT Calgary, Global news Toronto, 24Hours (Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton), Inside Toronto and Canadian family.

As a result of the success of the campaign, Albedo100 extended it’s contract with On Q.

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