What’s your job?

I always have trouble filling in the ‘occupation’ line on forms. I’m not a doctor, lawyer or teacher. For years one of our clients wrongly referred to us as their ad firm. Realizing that even some of my friends don’t fully understand our business, I tried to explain public relations. ‘Right, so you’re like Samantha on Sex and the City’. Pause. Not exactly!

Yes, we specialize in public relations and social media, but what exactly does that mean? Our forte is helping clients reach their audience in the most efficient way possible. Over ten years in business, our services morphed based on the needs we saw with our past, present and potential clients. Press releases are no longer standard practice if it’s more effective to reach a reporter through Twitter. We have the ability to go straight to the audience on Facebook to do a ‘focus group’ and talk directly to our clients’ customer to ignite and motivate brand ambassadors. If our clients’ customers are Breakfast Television viewers, we’ll strategize a story that will help them get on the show. We can use Instagram or Pinterest as a new medium for displaying client products/services to their audience. We are fortunate to live in a world where everyone on the planet is reachable in under 5 clicks and that is where you will find On Q – we are the bridge between our clients and their customers.

With a growing box of creative new tools, how does one choose which to use?
Like with anything else, having a solid strategy is key. The tools are simply there to help you reach your goal.

‘So clients pay you to go on Facebook all day?’
Next question pleassssse!







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