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In 2004 television host Tanya Dodaro and social media professor Livia Grujich combined forces to create On Q Communications, a boutique public relations and social media marketing firm located in Toronto. Leveraging their strong backgrounds in media relations and social media marketing, the two built a knockout client roster, working with lifestyle brands from across the globe. Today, On Q Communications has successfully helped brands launch, create buzz and develop meaningful relationships with online audiences. Whether your brand is looking to raise it’s profile or just needs a fresh approach, you’ve come to the right place.

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If you could pass along one piece of advice to your clients about their PR strategy, what would it be?
Livia: Make sure you have one! Otherwise lots of time and effort can be spent without seeing any ROI.

Tanya: Review and revise it often, things are changing so quickly in today’s marketplace with digital media that you need to make sure you are constantly incorporating new, hot strategies to keep you on top of your game.

When burning the midnight oil, what beverage of choice keeps you going?
T: Haha…decaf lattes. I have natural caffeine that is always pumping through my veins but I feel like I am part of the team when I have a Starbucks in hand, wink.

L: Chai Latte! Love the taste (and the extra buzz needed at times).

When some people need inspiration, they take a long walk. Others free-write all of their thoughts down. What do you do to conjure up a little inspiration when you need it most?
T: Hit the gym! Nothing like a long run to get those creative juices flowing!

L: Have a long chat with my husband. He’s my best source of inspiration. He’s a great listener…and sometimes I just need to hear my thoughts out loud for an idea to blossom.

What is your favourite notable PR campaign?
L: Favourite campaign that tied in social media, PR and traditional media beautifully is the Old Spice ‘The man your man can smell like’ campaign. It was funny! And sharable. Tied in the brand message (resulting in actual increase in sales not just entertainment value)…and it allowed the audience to interact in real time – a bonus for social media success! We’ve seen this done really well by Blendtec as well. Simple message….powerful campaigns that stand the test of time.

T: I love everything that West Jet does, especially around the holiday season. It’s a great mix of selfless PR, where you are promoting the brand through giving back to communities.

What has been your favourite On Q PR project or campaign to work on?
L: The Baskin Robbins ‘Indulgence that Fits’ campaign was certainly one of the most interesting ones to develop. Everything from coming up with a creative concept for the new Bright Choices line of products that BR was launching, to deciding to team up with Fashion Week and a prominent Canadian designer, Pat McDonagh, who would design her whole collection around…ice cream! What more could we ask for….a win-win for all!

What’s one project you’re currently working on at On Q that’s got you excited?
L: #BrandsOnQ! We’ve had the privilege to work with top brands in many industries across the world and with launching #BrandsOnQ, we’re essentially showing off how these brands are leaders in the world of marketing.

T: The Social ROI Program. Working in the field of social media for many years, we began to recognize two major challenges across companies and industries. Everyone is in need of content, and even more, looking to see actual ROI from their social media efforts. We were able to create an opportunity out of these challenges which has led to very successful case studies over the last few years and we now offer this as a service (a very popular one!)

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